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  • Initial Weapon:
  • Initial Armor:
  • Initial Trinkets: None
  • Initial Power:
  • Initial Defense:


Level Name Effect Cooldown
1 Drain Life Dark magic that steals life from its victim, healing the caster's most injured ally. 20 second
5 Plague Unleashes toxic fumes in a large area, dealing damage over time. 30 second
5 Debilitate An enfeebling curse that greatly reduces its victim's attack power for 10 seconds. 30 second
10 Piercing Shadow The witch's basic shadowbolt attack does 15% extra damage. Passive
10 Life Leech All of the witch's attacks heal her for 20% of the damage dealt. Passive
15 Horror Fears all enemies. Closer enemies are more severely effected. 40 second
15 Hex Turns target into a toad for 6 seconds. 40 second
20 Terrifying Presence Grants a 10% chance to automatically fear an attacker when hit. Passive
20 Sudden Doom Grants a 5% chance to reset the cooldown on Drain Life. Passive
25 Prey on the Weak Drain Life is more effective on feared, paralyzed, and cursed enemies. Passive
30 Crushing Despair Drain Life deals 40% more damage while healing for the same amount. Passive
30 Dark Harvest Drain Life heals 40% more while doing the same amount of damage. Passive


The witch can be a surprisingly devastating class well worth having. Her drain life is very useful for the warrior or single strong enemies and the death cloud is great for large groups. The fear spell is the most useful though because it will give you a short break to heal and will sometimes kill a nearby enemy!