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Island Mode is a bonus game mode that becomes available after beating the main story, similar to the School Mode of the first game. It is an alternate storyline in which the students must gather Hope Fragments by bonding with each other and complete goals set by Usami. They must also clean regularly; failure to do so will reduce the island's cleanliness and eventually force a mass cleaning, wasting a few days. In order to perform these tasks in the most efficient way possible, Hajime must assign them to his fellow students, including:

  • Gathering materials: The gathering of materials allows the students to clear goals set by Usami. While necessary, this consumes the students' energy and reduces the cleanliness gauge.
  • Cleaning: Restores the cleanliness gauge but also consumes the students' energy.
  • Resting: Doesn't aid in the completion of any tasks, but restores the students' energy.

Keep an eye on cleanliness and energy while crafting in order to successfully clear Island Mode. This shouldn't be too difficult with the use of tools that double the amount of materials gained (as well as the cleaning tools, which can eventually allow one student to handle the cleaning on their own, and the Safety Charm, which reduces energy consumption), and the Free Time provided during this mode should also give you the opportunity to acquire Hope Fragments for all characters, though it may require multiple playthroughs. However, take note that certain items (Processed Goods) required for crafting must also be crafted first.

While the primary goal here is to bond with the other students, clearing Usami's goals will earn Hajime Trip Tickets, which he can then use to take fellow students on trips that will improve their bond. For information on gift-giving, see the characters page for a quick look at everyone's favorite presents or the presents page for a more detailed look. Another feature new to Island Mode is consumables, which can either be gifted by Usami or can be crafted with gathered materials.


Rocketpunch Market Ranch Beach Ancient Ruin Electric Ave.
  • Plate
  • Glue
  • Beast Oil
  • Water
  • Battery
  • Expensive Plate
  • Jabbacabbage
  • Beast Meat
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Beast's Skin
  • Golden Egg
  • Coconut
  • Sand
  • Jabbacrab
  • Seaweed
  • Seashell
  • Shiny Stone
  • Jabbanana
  • Jabbapotato
  • Bark
  • Tree Vine
  • Water
  • Magical Powder
  • Junk Parts
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Nail
  • Battery
  • Gold
  • 3 Sacred Treasures
Nezumi Castle Military Base Mountains Forest Coast
  • Hammer
  • White Cotton
  • Cloth
  • White Flower
  • Paint
  • Jabbacrystal
  • Fuel
  • Knife
  • Paint
  • Small Engine
  • Nail
  • Large Engine
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Red Flower
  • Jabbamerald
  • Jabbamond
  • Log
  • Beast's Bone
  • Beast's Skin
  • Green Flower
  • Egg
  • Special Beast Meat
  • Jabbafish
  • Seashell
  • Salt
  • Jabbasquid
  • Jabbacrab
  • Jabbapearl



Item Materials
Flower Pin 2 Seashells, 2 Green Flowers, 2 Red Flowers, 1 Rope
Gorgeous Flower Pin 2 White Flowers, 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Rope, 2 Black Flowers
Usami House 20 Paint, 30 Clay, 25 Wood, 20 Saws
Usami Strap 5 White Cotton, 2 Cloth, 1 Battery, 1 AI Chip
Usami Coin 5 Fuel, 1 Paint, 1 Jabba Alloy
Jabberwock Bling 6 Jabbameralds, 3 Jabbacrystals, 3 Jabbapearls, 10 Fuel, 10 Ropes
Imperial Feast 5 Special Beast Meat, 5 Golden Eggs, 5 Expensive Plates, 15 Fresh Sashimi, 15 Freshly-Squeezed Fruit Juice
Good Ship Usami 50 Fuel, 30 White Flowers, 40 Wood, 30 Golden Plates, 20 Saws
Robo-Rabbit 50 White Cotton, 40 AI Chips, 10 Jabba Alloy, 30 Bags
Mecha-Monomi 50 Cloth, 50 White Cotton, 50 Paint, 10 AI Chips, 40 Golden Plates

Processed Goods[edit]

Item Materials
Rope 1 Tree Vine, 1 Knife, 1 Glue
Hot Water 1 Water, 1 Fuel
Wood 2 Logs, 1 Nail
Iron Plate 2 Iron, 1 Hammer
Golden Plate 2 Gold, 1 Hammer
Jabba Alloy 1 Jabbacrystal, 3 Silver, 3 Hammers
AI Chip 2 Junk Parts, 1 Integrated Circuit
Saw 1 Silver, 1 Beast's Bone
Black Flower 1 White Flower, 1 Paint
Fresh Sashimi 1 Jabbafish, 1 Jabbasquid, 1 Jabbacrab, 1 Seaweed
Bag 1 Beast's Skin, 1 Bark
Clay 2 Sand, 1 Water
Freshly-Squeezed Fruit Juice 1 Jabbanana, 1 Water, 1 Milk


Name Effect Materials
Spear of Gungnir Doubles the amount of Meat Materials collected. 2 Shiny Stones, 5 Black Flowers, 10 Beast's Bone
Swimmy Nail Doubles the amount of Water Materials collected. 2 3 Sacred Treasures, 10 Junk Parts, 10 Hammers
Hyper Glove Doubles the amount of Mineral Materials collected. 2 Magical Power, 10 Seashells, 5 Bags
Easy Scope Doubles the amount of Nature Materials collected. 3 Jabbameralds, 5 Iron Plates, 10 Paint
4-D Shopping Basket Doubles the amount of General Materials collected. 2 Jabba Alloy, 5 Clay, 10 Nails
Safety Charm Lowers HP cost of actions. 1 Jabbamond, 5 Cloth, 5 Rope
Elephant Dustcloth Raises cleaning efficiency. 1 Special Beast Meat, 5 Bags
Hope Broom Greatly raises cleaning efficiency. 3 Golden Eggs, 10 Wood, 10 Saws


Name Effect Materials
Jabba Salad Restores a little bit of HP. 1 Jabbanana, 1 Jabbacabbage, 1 Plate
Jabba Croquette Restores a fair amount of HP. 2 Jabbafish, 1 Jabbapotato, 1 Beast Oil, 1 Plate
Jabba Juice Restores a lot of HP. 2 Coconuts, 1 Milk, 1 Red Flower
Jabba Omelette Rice Restores all HP. 2 Beast Meat, 2 Eggs, 1 Green Flower
Jabba Hot Pot Restores all HP to everyone. 3 Jabbacrabs, 2 Jabbasquids, 2 Seaweed, 2 Salt, 1 Hot Water
Spirit Bomb Restores consciousness. 3 Small Engines, 5 Salt, 5 Fuel
Medicine of Hope Grants hyper energy for the next assigned task. 2 Seashells, 2 Small Engines, 1 Coconut, 1 Seaweed
Broom Robo Makes things a little cleaner. 1 Battery, 1 AI Chip, 1 Iron Plate
Vacuum Robo Makes thing a lot cleaner. 1 Battery, 1 Small Engine, 1 AI Chip, 1 Golden Plate
Black Hole Robo Makes things as clean as possible. 1 Battery, 1 Large Engine, 1 AI Chip, 1 Golden Plate
Collecting Spirit Raises Collection Level by 1. 10 Shiny Stones, 10 Magical Powder, 10 Jabbacrystals, 10 Jabbamonds, 10 Jabbapearls
Cleaning Spirit Raises Cleaning Level by 1. 10 Expensive Plates, 10 Golden Eggs, 10 3 Sacred Treasures, 10 Large Engines, 10 Special Beast Meat

Free Time[edit]

Akane Owari[edit]

Location Choices
Beach "Let's look for crabs." "Let's go fishing." "Let's swim!"
Movie Theater "There's anime..." "I feel like having a hot dog." "Maybe we should just go..."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Affirmation to shoot "nothing more important than food." "To gather Hope Fragments."

Byakuya Togami[edit]

Location Choices
Library "Shall we study?" "That's a lot of books." "All right, let's look for treasure!"
Military Base "All right, time to explore!" "I have a bad feeling about this..." "Let's look for food."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Affirmation to shoot "stand with me." "An imposter."

Chiaki Nanami[edit]

Location Choices
Jabberwock Park "If we break that statue..." "This looks like a great spot for napping." "Let's sit down for now."
Amusement Park "Let's ride the rollercoaster!" "Do you want to hold hands?" "This place looks fun."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "disappointed." "Dating sims."

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[edit]

Location Choices
Movie Theater "A yakuza film, huh..." "We need to have popcorn." "3-D, huh..."
Military Base "Where's the warship?" "Let's look for weapons." "This is a little exciting."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "waste of time." "Courage."

Gundham Tanaka[edit]

Location Choices
Library "I should probably read some technical books..." "This is a great place to kill time." "This place is dangerous..."
Movie Theater "Watch a movie about animals...?" "Curry-flavored, huh..." "I'd rather film movies than watch them..."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Affirmation to shoot "have this island under his control." "You've become more atrocious."

Hiyoko Saionji[edit]

Location Choices
Amusement Park "Let's climb that castle." "This place looks fun." "Let's go inside the haunted house."
Beach "Let's make a sand castle!" "Let's look for crabs." "Let's dance for now."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "hate me." "Father."

Ibuki Mioda[edit]

Location Choices
Movie Theater "Wanna watch some horror movies?" "We can't miss out on popcorn." "Let's sit at the very front."
Amusement Park "All right, let's run." "Let's ride the rollercoaster!" "Do you want to hold hands?"
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Affirmation to shoot "aren't strangers anymore." "Band members."

Kazuichi Soda[edit]

Location Choices
Military Base "Let's ride the tanks." "This is pretty exciting." "Let's look for fuel."
Library "This is a great place to kill time." "I should probably read some technical books..." "These books might burn well."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "too abnormal." "Make a rocket ship."

Mahiru Koizumi[edit]

Location Choices
Beach "Let's build a sandcastle!" "Let's take it all off." "Let's drop some coconuts."
Amusement Park "You could take some pictures here." "Do you want to hold hands?" "Let's ride the carousel."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "all I can do is take photos." "About your camera."

Mikan Tsumiki[edit]

Location Choices
Jabberwock Park "The sky is blue." "Why don't we take a walk?" "The breeze is so nice."
Beach "Let's build a sandcastle!" "Let's bury ourselves." "Let's gather seashells."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "doesn't care about me." "Propose."

Nagito Komaeda[edit]

Location Choices
Beach "I guess we could go fishing." "Let's build a sandcastle!" "Let's split a watermelon."
Library "These books might burn well." "Shall we study?" "All right, time to look for some treasure."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "hate me." "Bad luck."

Nekomaru Nidai[edit]

Location Choices
Movie Theater "I'm going to go to the bathroom..." "A sports movie..." "It's all about the salty flavor!"
Amusement Park "All right, let's dash!" "Let's ride the carousel." "Let the games begin!"
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "doesn't trust me." "Hope."

Peko Pekoyama[edit]

Location Choices
Jabberwock Park "Let's pick up some trash..." "Let's climb a tree." "Let's take a walk."
Beach "Let's split a watermelon." "Let's build a sandcastle!" "Let's go fishing."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Affirmation to shoot "waiting for an opening." "It's friendship."

Sonia Nevermind[edit]

Location Choices
Jabberwock Park "How about some tree climbing?" "The scenery is so nice..." "If we move that statue..."
Beach "Let's go running." "Let's build a sandcastle!" "Let's gather seashells."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Negation to shoot "decide for me." "Makango."

Teruteru Hanamura[edit]

Location Choices
Beach "Let's take our clothes off." "Let's fish!" "Let's drop some coconuts."
Movie Theater "Hmm, I sort of want a hot dog..." "There's anime!" "Let's sit at the very front."
Shot Through the Heart Ending
Use Affirmation to shoot "has that quality." "Diner."