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Once you reach level 10, in the caves, if you talk to Griswold the blacksmith he will tell you of a legend about a prodigious anvil, called the Anvil of Fury, which should now be in the labyrinth. He will ask you to check if this legend is true: if you bring him this anvil, he will be able to create something very powerful for you.

Return to the labyrinth and scour level 10 for this anvil. You will usually find it on an islet in the middle of a lava lake, well guarded by a horde of demons. Eliminate them all and reach the anvil. Get it and take it to Griswold. He will get to work and will then give you the Griswold's Edge, one of the best swords in the game.

REWARD: Griswold’s Edge

  • Damage: 4-12
  • 1-10 Fire Damage
  • Chance to hit: +25%
  • Mana: +20
  • Fast Attack
  • Knocks Targets Back
  • Life: -20
  • Requirements: 40 Strength
  • Durability: 50