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Lightning and Firewall being cast.

This is the complete list of spells in the game. After learning them, you can increase their level by finding other magical books of the same spell. A higher level spell will do more damage and its Mana cost may decrease. However, a higher Magic value will also be required in order to read the book. Any spells in game can be used by any class, you'll just need to have the attributes. In multiplayer, any spell/attack in game can hit your ally.

Spell Mana cost Magic required Description
FIREBOLT 6 15 A small bolt of flame that moves quickly in a direct line. The Sorcerer already knows this at the beginning of the game. In the early stage of the game it is very useful.
CHARGED BOLT 6 25 It releases three small bolts of electricity that move randomly and slowly across the screen. Inaccurate, but quiete useful at first.
HOLY BOLT 20 7 Works similar to Firebolt and can only hit undead enemies. Against them, however, it is very powerful.
HEALING 8 17 It allows you to restore your life energy. Very useful. However, the Mana cost goes up by two each time the character levels up.
HEAL OTHER 8 17 It is only present in two-player mode. It's the equivalent of Healing, only it works on the other character.
INFERNO 11 20 This spell releases flames that have a limited range, but can strike multiple enemies at once.
FIRE WALL 28 27 This spell creates a wall of flame that spans the width of the screen. You can choose where to cast it by moving a glowing circle. Be careful though, because in the meantime you will be helpless.
TELEKINESIS 15 33 Allows you to interact with items from a distance. That is, you can collect items, open or close doors, chests, etc.
LIGHTNING 10 20 Among the best spells in the game. Releases a bolt of lightning that moves quickly, in a straight line, and can hit multiple enemies.
TOWN PORTAL 35 20 It allows you to create a portal to reach Tristram from anywhere in the labyrinth. Essential.
FLASH 30 33 A powerful, but very short range spell that attacks enemies with a flash of light.
STONE CURSE 60 51 It allows you to immobilize an enemy for a few seconds, during which time you can freely attack him. Very useful against stronger enemies or those with the ability to teleport.
PHASING 12 39 It allows you to teleport elsewhere, without choosing the location. Still useful in case you find yourself surrounded.
MANA SHIELD 33 23 When this spell is active, a shield appears over the character's head and in the meantime the damage he takes is subtracted from his Mana instead of his Life Energy. Vanishes if Mana drops to 0 or if you go to town. It is essential for Sorcerers.
ELEMENTAL 35 68 It summons a creature that attacks the closest enemy, exploding and causing damage all around.
FIREBALL 16 48 It is essentially a more powerful version of Firebolt. One of the most useful spells in the game, for Sorcerers.
FLAME WAVE 35 54 A large wave of flame that engulfs all enemies it encounters, like a moving Fire Wall. Very powerful, but also with a high Mana cost.
CHAIN LIGHTNING 30 54 Similar to Lightning, but emits more beams. Very powerful and useful therefore, but also with a high Mana cost.
GUARDIAN 50 61 A three-headed creature attacks all nearby enemies with Firebolt for a short period of time. You will automatically get it in the Chamber of Bone.
NOVA 60 87 It relases an expanding circle of lightning that travels as far in every direction until it hits a wall. Extremely powerful, but high magic is requirerd to learn it. A spell reserved to Sorcerers.
GOLEM 100 81 A slow but very strong Golem is summoned, which attacks enemies. Another spell suitable only for Sorcerers.
APOCALYPSE 150 149 It is the most powerful spell in the game, causing enormous damage to all enemies on the screen (Diablo himself uses it). Unfortunately it cannot be learned, only used through a scroll.
BONE SPIRIT 24 34 Releases a ghost that attacks a random enemy, draining a third of their life energy. In addition to Mana, it takes 6 Life Points from you.
BLOOD STAR 25 70 It's the same spell that Succubi use. Useful, but it takes 5 points of vital energy from you, in addition to Mana.
IDENTIFY N/A N/A You need it to identify magical items, revealing their powers. Extremely useful and no attributes required, but sadly you can't learn it. You can only use it with a scroll.