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Duplicating items

If you want to duplicate an item do the following:

  1. Put something in your belt (potion, scroll, etc.).
  2. Drop the item you want to duplicate, then close the inventory.
  3. Distance yourself from the item 4 to 6 squares, but where you can still see it.
  4. Mouse left click on the item on the floor (to pick it up again).
  5. When you get as close as possible to the item (and exactly when you pick it up), Mouse left click on your belt item. The item on the floor should now be gone.
  6. Drop the potion or scroll you have picked from your belt.
  • When you drop the potion or scroll, it transforms into the item you wanted to duplicate. If you did it right, you'll have two identical items, one in your inventory and another lying on the ground. This trick is not very difficult, and can be done with any item, including money, books, unique items, etc.
  • Please note that if you ever drop two of the same duplicated items on the floor then the duplicate will be detected and deleted from the game!