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At the beginning of the game you may find an injured citizen next to the entrance to the deconsecrated church, who will tell you about the betrayal of Archbishop Lazarus and a demon called The Butcher. In level 2 of the labyrinth, you'll find a square room filled with blood and mutilated bodies, completely surrounded by other environments. Opening the door to this room, the Butcher will exclaim: "Fresh meat!" and will come out to attack you.

The Butcher is a tough enemy and his attacks hurt a lot. Do not rush to deal with him, as this can be fatal. First, before opening the door to his room, it is best to completely clear the level of other enemies. Given the power of his attacks, it is advisable to attack him from a distance, with arrows for Rogues or with a spell like Firebolt for Sorcerers. If you want to face the Butcher in a direct fight, it's best to have a level of 8 or 9, so you can also go down to a lower level and come back here after being sufficiently boosted. However, there are a couple of strategies to win this fight easily, taking advantage of the fact that the Butcher can't open doors. The first is to lure the Butcher up to a wall with grates, go through the door and lock him up on the other side. From here, you can easily shoot the Butcher with a bow and arrows until he is killed, without taking any damage. Alternatively, you can easily kill the Butcher if you are lucky enough to already have the Firewall spell (or a scroll). After opening the door to his room, immediately close it and launch a Firewall inside, right in front of the door. The Butcher will inevitably end up in flames, taking massive damage, which will weaken him considerably.

When the Butcher dies, you can pick up his cleaver. It is a very powerful weapon, but also heavy, suitable only for Warriors. Instead, Rogues and Sorcerers should sell it and exploit its economic value.

REWARD: The Butcher’s Cleaver

  • Damage: 4-24
  • +10 to Strength
  • Unusual Item Damage
  • Requirements: None
  • Durability: 10