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At the end of the cutscenes you get hold of a mounted machine gun, your mission being to destroy the guard hounds. There's no need to worry about ammunition, and the more you annihilate, the more money you get at the end of the stage.

After a certain period of time you get a cutscene showing Vincent jumping onto the roof. Again, try to kill as many as you can, the best thing to do is kill them while they're still in the air, as you sustain damage more likely than not when they land on the top of the vehicle.

Another cutscene later you're in the wastes, so walk into the three mako points if you're low on magic then continue onto the next area and its mini-boss...

Sub-Boss: Crimson Hound[edit]

When the fight starts, he will jump up on a pillar and allow his minions to have a little chew on you for a bit. Alternate between shooting the minion guard hounds and the crimson hound, but concentrate on the minion hounds (strafe and shoot them if they start weaving in and out of the rock pillars). Once the minion hounds have been annihilated, target the crimson hound and fire. Eventually it'll come down from its lofty perch and attack you. If you get him quick enough, he won't summon more minions.

After the Crimson Hound is 'killed', there will be a keycard in its place. Take the keycard, and go into the next area.

There are two more cutscenes, then you get to fight the main bosses of this chapter.

Boss: Pegasus Riders[edit]

The best weapon for this is the machine gun, as you initially have to continuously change targets. After circling around you for a while, they break the cycle then line up and charge you. This is good for you, as they're vulnerable from the front, so combine magic and bullets and take them out one at a time.


Eradicate the Guard Hounds![edit]

  • The objective of the mission is pretty self-explanatory - kill off as many guard hounds while you're in/on the truck while it's still moving.
  • There are 70 guard hounds in total