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Gun Description
Cerberus Basic pistol, capable of firing three shots. Based on medium to close range.
Griffon Machine Gun, capable of high speed firing. Designed for close range fighting.
Hydra Rifle, Designed for long range firing.
Bayonet Rifle
Blast Machine Gun
Ultima Weapon
Death Penalty


Barrel Description
Short Barrel Creates a quick fire effect.
Does less damage the further away the enemy is.
Normal Barrel Mainly for fighting enemies in the immediate vicinity that Vincent may or may not be able to reach on foot.
Long Barrel Used to fight enemies at long distances
Does less damage the closer the enemy is
Lucky S Barrel This barrel allows you to gain more experience points for killing enemies when equipped.
Faerie L Barrel A long barrel that quickly fires.


Like in FFVII, materia can be attached to weapons and used by using Vincents MP. There are three kinds of materia in Dirge of Cerberus and only one may be equipped to Vincents guns at a time.

Materia Description
Fire Materia When cast, Vincent will shoot out a ball of fire that explodes on impact, damaging all nearby.
Lightning Materia When cast, Vincent will shoot out a bolt of powerful lightning magic, damaging all enemies in a straight line.
Blizzard Materia When cast, Vincent will let loose a ball of ice that seeks out its target automatically.


Items which can be attached to weapons, enhancing a specific abiltiy. Many of these can be upgraded at machine-shops.

Accessory Description
Sniper Scope Increases viewing range. Only really useful for the Sniper.
Materia Floater Increases the Lvl of your materia by one. Materia Lvl increases further if you upgrade the Materia Floater
Power Booster Increases the power of a weapon. Upgrading the booster increases a weapons power further.
Gravity Floater Decreases the weight of a weapon, making Vincent run faster. upgrading the attatchment decreases a weapons weight further.
Materia Booster has the same effect as the Materia floater.
Auto Reloader automatically reloads the weapon it is attached to. Cuts out the reloaing stage all together.
Cerberus Relief Increases Vincents defence stat. upgrading the attachment increases defence stat further
Power Cross
Recoil Limiter