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Sub-Boss: Black Widow TW[edit]

Deepground sure love these things, don't they? This time round there are 2 of them, but rest assured that it's probably the easier of Black Widow fights you encounter. Concentrate on destroying the ground floor one, run around and shoot it to avoid its attacks, then go for the one lounging on the ceiling (who launches bombs from his position if you get too close). Nothing too difficult.

Boss: Neo Azul[edit]

This form is exactly the same as the one you first encountered, except now the damage you can give him is the same as normal damage, so you can blast away without having to search around for explosive barrels. Just keep shooting at him to take him down.

Now, for the hard part...

Boss Revamped: Arch Azul[edit]

This monster of a boss happens to be immune to all shots you fire. He's weak to ice magic, though, so equip the Blizzard Materia, and blast away — there are several mako points that refresh every now and again throughout the battle. Or you could just use a limit breaker and fight him in close quarters, which is very effective. Watch out for his Special Move: Jump around the circle so it won't hit you.


Collect the Top-Secret Data Files![edit]

  • There are a total of 5 files in the Chapter.

Destroy the Surveillance Mines[edit]

  • There are 99 surveillance mines in total.
  • Half are on the one elevator, the other half are on the other elevator. Shoot them down while the elevator is working - happy shooting!