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Each type of weapon comes with a hit combo or critical hit rate. This means that the hit combo or critical hit rate cannot co-exist on a weapon - it's one or the other!

Hit Combos and Critical Hits
Type of Weapon Critical Hit Rate Hit Combo Rate
Unarmed N/A 5%
1-Handed Swords N/A 5%
Daggers N/A 7%
  • The exception to this is the Danjuro, which has a 10% Hit Combo Rate.
Axes N/A 3%
Maces N/A 4%
Hammers N/A 7%
Spears N/A 4%
2-Handed Swords N/A 7%
  • There are several exceptions to this number, them being:
    • The Dynast-King's Blade and the Treaty Blade, both with 25%
    • The Tournesol, with 12%
    • The Defender, with 5%
    • The Wyrmhero Blade, with 80%
Katanas N/A 13%
  • The only exception to this is the Masamune, with 40%
Poles N/A 12%
Ninja Swords N/A
  • These all have different values, them being:
    • Ashura; 15%
    • Sakura-saezuri; 16%
    • Kagenui; 17%
    • Koga Blade; 18%
    • Iga Blade; 19%
    • Orochi; 20%
    • Yagyu Darkblade; 22%
Handbombs N/A 0%
Staves N/A 0%
Rods N/A 0%
Bows 5% N/A
Crossbows 7% N/A
Measures 5% N/A
Guns 5% N/A

Combo-Hits and HP[edit]

The rate of combo-hits change depending upon your percentage of HP. For example, you are less likely to deal a combo-hit when your HP is full, while you're more likely to deal a combo-hit when you're at 25% of your max HP.

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