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Code effect
760d7580 00000000 983b441e 78228bae MasterCode
760Fab00 00000000 d84c8915 0ca59ad5 284e730c 0ca57a35 Press R1 button + Select button for 99,999,999 gil
76080980 00000000 d84c8915 0ca578d5 284e730c 0ca57a65 press R2 button + Select button to reset time

Vaan Codes[edit]

Code Effect
7608dbe0 00000000 d84c8915 0ca6cbd5 284e0255 0ca52c0e Press L3 button + Select button for 9,999 liscenses
760eb2b0 00000000 d82c8975 0ca5cbd5 284e02a9 1cd1a03e press L1 button + Select button for 99,999,999 Experience
760d8120 00000000 e818247a 0cce360a 184e5f65 0ca5e485 184e5fb1 0ca5e485 press L1 button + Select button to refill mana points