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Most weapons damage formulae are stat dependent. Some, such as swords, depend on the characters strength stat, while others depend on the magick stat of the weapon.


DMG = [11 x RANDOM(1~1.125) - DEF] x STR x (Lv+STR)/256]

Unarmed with "Brawler" Licence[edit]

This formula is for if you have the Brawler licence, or if you have an Amber Armlet equipped (it increases unarmed damage).

DMG = [(Lv+STR)/2 x RANDOM(1~1.125) - DEF] x STR x (Lv+STR)/256]


Maces are the only weapon that completely relies on the characters magic stat.

DMG = [ATK x RANDOM(1~1.125) - DEF] x [1 + MAG x (Lv+MAG)/256]


DMG = [ATK x RANDOM(1~1.125) - MDEF] x [1 + STR x (Lv+STR)/256]

Axes, Hammers & Handbombs[edit]

DMG = [ATK x RANDOM(0~1.111) - DEF] x [1 + STR x (Lv+VIT)/128]

Katana & Staves[edit]

These weapons depend on both magick and strength. The higher a level you get, though, the less weighting is magic and depends more so on strength.

DMG = [ATK x RANDOM(1~1.125) - DEF] x [1 + STR x (Lv+MAG)/256]

Bows, Daggers and Ninja Swords[edit]

These depend upon speed and strength. These can give you an edge in battle in earlier levels because the speed stat grows very slowly in comparison to everything else.

DMG = [ATK x RANDOM(1~1.125)]- DEF] x [1 + STR x (Lv+SPD)/218]

Guns & Measures[edit]

DMG = [ATK x RANDOM(1~1.125)]^2

These are unique because they rely solely on the attack power and doesn't rely upon the targets physical or magical defence.


Some things, such as a characters status ailments or a foes elemental type can drastically affect the outcome of an attack.

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