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This basic grunt comes in various colours: red, blue, grey, green, Dark. Note that Swordsmen are sometimes armed with a spear or bow.


Another grunt. Sometimes uses throwing axes as ranged attack.

Evil Trees[edit]

These trees are quite nasty. Watch out for their lethal toadstool ammunition (which seems to have very limited ammo). They have a great aversion to being burnt or drop-kicked. When dead, they shriek and usually burst into little scraps of firewood.

Strategies: in Scene 2A: Cave, you can chop at the stalagmites littered around the subterranean arena. If one of these flying stone daggers hits an Evil Tree, it is an instant kill. In Scene 2B: Forest, twigs will fall down around you and make a crunching sound, or ones already on the ground will levitate. Don't try to bash them before they are fully grown or your blows will fall harmlessly and they will get a chance to stab you. Failing this, a quick drop-kick, cannonball, etc. will shatter them. If you time it correctly while they are growing, you can get a free hit, and sometimes even turn them into matchsticks instantly.


These big guys wield either knobby bone clubs or big wooden clubs. For projectiles, they can carry flaming boulders, or spears to throw at you. The men with boulders will throw them instantly, rather than when they are likely to hit you. They can also inadvertently hit an ally.

Strategies: On the ship, there is a massive area with Natives dancing (for no good reason) and initially ignoring you. This is the time to strike, death-jabbing and drop-kicking all who stand in your way.


These would be your top enemy. Most notably they keep rebuilding themselves over and over until they are finally killed, so you have to watch for the death cry and subtle darkening of the bones. They can also withstand a single drop-kick.

Even more so than other enemies, they pride themselves with lightning-fast reflexes (their attacks usually halve your health!) and, if it can be believed, are even more death-jab-happy than in the original game! They also have boomerangs which have 2 chances of hitting you if you are in their way.

Strategies: Note that they have a stunned period just like most other enemies. When they are a pile of bones, they are invulnerable to death-jabs or other ground-attacks (but still vulnerable to magic).