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Revenge of Death Adder doesn't have names or hi-score lists. You are anonymous. However, the machine's Bookkeeping info does store how many coins were entered, how many players reached a certain score, etc. (consult your manual or emulator documentation to find the Test/Settings switch/key). You can download the official RODA technical manual for more on this. The score equations used for the original game may or may not apply to this game. It certainly does not rate you in quite the same manner.

Points are awarded in the following categories:

  • Destroy (enemies, maybe breakables too?)
  • Items (Food, Magic Pots, Treasure)
  • Death (subtracts points)

The following may lead to a higher score:

  • smashing all destructibles in the game (Death Adder statues, flags, skull posts, barstools, etc.)
  • taking as little damage as possible, or even no damage at all
  • freeing prisoners
  • an enemy falling down a hole upon death (not many places where you can do this)

The following definitely alter your score:

  • collecting Treasure increases your score (however Food and Magic Pots may have no effect)
  • dying subtracts 10 points per death. You usually get 2 lives per credit, so it (theoretically) comes in units of 20 points for each credit spent. And so spending lots of credits to reach the end will result in a lower score.