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Name power-up Description
Health Use to restore your health to the 5 full hearts
Armor Gives you 10 extra health. It those protect against being run over, direct impact from a rocket launcher, being arrested and falling of buildings.
Double Damage Doubles the damage dealt by all fire arms. Does not apply to rocket launcher, grenades, Molotov cocktails and vehicle bombs.
Fast reload Makes you reload twice as fast, so you can fire twice as fast.
Invisibility Makes you invisible to police and gang members.
Invulnerability* Makes you during 1 minute invulnerable to fists, bullets and cars. Does not apply to electrogun, electrofingers, water, being blown up in a car and falling of buildings.
Electrofingers Fires electric shocks (like those of the electrogun) at anyone who comes in range of the user. Anyone standing in range for too long will die. It has a very short range. To best use it, punch your target down and than let the electrofingers kill him by standing on top of him.
Get outta jail free card Despite the name, the icon for this power-up is key. With a get outta jail free card you can keep your weapons after being busted. Does not apply to being wasted.
Cop Bribe Clears your wanted level.
Respect You gain 1 respect with a gang.
Life +1 Gives 1 extra life.
Multiplier Multiplies your cash rewards.
Kill Frenzy Starts a Kill Frenzy where you have to use a type of weapon or vehicle to kill a certain number of vehicles or people within a time-limit. Successfully completing a Kill Frenzy gives an extra life, a cash reward, and it clears your wanted level. Complete all Kill Frenzy's for a bonus level.
GTA2 badge This is its first appearance in the Grand Theft Auto series. There are 50 of them in a level for the PC-version. The Playstation-version has only 25 per level. Completing them all unlocks a bonus level.