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For more details on Fortress Units, see Creatures page.
Tier Unit Upgrade
1 Gnolls
HoMMIII Gnolls Profile.png
Gnoll Marauders
HoMMIII Gnoll Marauders Profile.png
2 Lizardmen
HoMMIII Lizardmen Profile.png
Lizard Warriors
HoMMIII Lizard Warriors Profile.png
3 Serpent Flies
HoMMIII Serpent Flies Profile.png
Dragon Flies
HoMMIII Dragon Flies Profile.png
4 Basilisks
HoMMIII Basilisks Profile.png
Greater Basilisks
HoMMIII Greater Basilisks Profile.png
5 Gorgons
HoMMIII Gorgons Profile.png
Mighty Gorgons
HoMMIII Mighty Gorgons Profile.png
6 Wyverns
HoMMIII Wyverns Profile.png
Wyvern Monarchs
HoMMIII Wyvern Monarchs Profile.png
7 Hydras
HoMMIII Hydras Profile.png
Chaos Hydras
HoMMIII Chaos Hydras Profile.png


  • Town Hall:
  • City Hall:
  • Capitol:
  • Fort:
  • Citadel:
  • Castle:
Mage Guild
  • Mage Guild Level 1:
  • Mage Guild Level 2:
  • Mage Guild Level 3:
  • Blood Obelisk:
  • Glyphs of Fear:
  • Tavern:
  • Blacksmith:
  • Shipyard:
  • Cage of Warlords:
  • Griffin Bastion:
  • Captain's Quarters:
  • Carnivorous Plant: +5000 Gold, +50% Creature Growth Rate, +10 attack and defence when defending against siege
  • Marketplace:
    • Resource Silo:
  • Gnoll Hut:
    • Upgraded Gnoll Hut:
  • Lizard Den:
    • Upgraded Lizard Den:
  • Serpent Fly Hive:
    • Upgraded Serpent Fly Hive:
  • Basilisk Pit:
    • Upgraded Basilisk Pit:
  • Gorgon Lair:
    • Upgraded Gorgon Lair:
  • Wyvern Nest:
    • Upgraded Wyvern Nest:
  • Hydra Pond:
    • Upgraded Hydra Pond: