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This is the third course in the special cup. It is the second hardest in the game. This track or similar ones are in every Mario Kart. It is a good track to power slide on.


There are thwomps that are around the course. Also, watch out for the lava because if you fall in you loss about 5 seconds that could mean a win or a loss.


One shortcut is in the room with the spinning floor. To get to the shortcut go all the way across the room past the normal path and you will see it.


One tip is when using the shortcut watch out for the fire that shoots down because it will hit you. Also, watch out for the thwomp that moves side to side because he will slow you down. Also try to stay away from the edges because you may fall into the lava. Finally, try not to fall off the spinning chain cylinder in the middle of the track because you will loss a few second trying to get back on the track.