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Delphino Square Map.

Delfino Square is an exciting, fast-paced circuit inspired by Super Mario Sunshine. The track is themed around a bustling dock with the town's natives spectating the ongoing race. There are unique features here, such as the huge bridge-jump over the harbour and the narrow, winding street sections.

The key to success on this track is to be very careful when boosting round the tight corners - hitting a wall will stop your boost and lose you a second or two on your rivals. Also important is the big shortcut towards the end of the circuit.


File:Overhead Pinio Plaza.png
Overhead view of Delfino Square

There are a couple of places where you can fall into the water on this track (namely the dock section in the second half of the circuit), but other than that Delfino Square is pretty much hazard-free. Crates can also be a hazard since you stop dead in your tracks once you hit one.However, this will cause an item, such as a banana or mushroom, to pop out, and to be used to your advantage.The dock section and the area with crates are the only hazardous sections.


There is one major short cut on this track. When driving past the dock, with the water hazard on your left, you'll notice a little alleyway between the buildings on your right. Use a mushroom or star to boost through here and shave a few seconds off your time, but be careful not to fly off the track and into the water at the other end of the alley. If you're using a mushroom to boost through here, the best place to use it is just before you hit the dark brown mud. If you try and go through this shortcut without any kind of boost item, you won't really gain any time because the thick mud slows you down too much.

There is also a possible shortcut by zipping across the dock, just after the narrow street section. It's very tricky to pull off but if you aim for the wooden pier and use a mushroom it is possible to jump the water. It's worth practicing this shortcut in Time Trial mode before you attempt it in a real race.This is also possible without a mushroom, but its an extremly difficult shortcut without one.


In the DS version, if the player gets close to the Piantas, they will make noises that will add to the music.

Staff Ghosts[edit]

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