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Luigi's Mansion Course Map

Luigi's Mansion is another Mario Kart: Double Dash!!-inspired track that takes place in an eery house and backyard filled with ghosts. This is also one of the few tracks where races take place at night. Most turns on this track are relatively easy for the novice to master, and is a good track to practice on for the intermediate snaker.


In the swampy section near the end of the circuit there are 2 walking trees that try to get in your way. If you hit one of these you will stop dead and lose a fair bit of time.


It is possible to cut across the grass and in between the gravestones on the corners before the swamp section, if you have a mushroom or star.


1. Snake from left to right and right to left on the curves directly after the finish line to to gain some quick footing against your opponent. Also try to snake on the straight section before the mansion entrance.


  • The Boos that pop out of the portraits in Mario Kart 7 were originally going to appear in Mario Kart DS.
  • Luigi's Mansion in the only Luigi-themed race course in the series that isn't a classic circuit.

Staff Ghosts[edit]

Ninten★しんご 1:59:357