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Cheep Cheep Beach.

Cheep Cheep Beach is a beach-themed track whose design received notable inspiration from the Koopa Beach circuits in Super Mario Kart and Peach Beach in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The track's constant curves and narrow turns makes Cheep Cheep Beach a fairly difficult track for novices to cope with, but keeping out of the water and making the best use of your power boosts will help greatly in racing efficiently on Cheep Cheep Beach.


The main hazard on this track is the ocean. On certain corners the tide goes in and out, so you can be cutting across the beach only to find yourself swamped by water. The shallow water slows you down but the deep water is much worse - you'll sink right in and Lakitu will have to fish you out. The are also Bloopers and Crabs dotted around the track (on the edges of the ocean) and hitting one of these will make you skid.


It is possible to cut the 2 corners where the crabs are by using a mushroom or star to zip through the shallow water. Another way is a complicated one, but speeds you up. At the bit after the water, where there are ramps, note that the ground slopes down in to the water, and up to get out. Now, you want to jump (forget the first ramp) and rebound off that upper slope. This should send you up and aim for the second ramp. With a rebound, you will gain a lot of time. This shortcut is quite hard to do, but is worth doing perfectly.


  1. Make a narrow and swift power boost before the first right turn (on the pier). It's almost mandatory you do it, otherwise you'll fall behind considerably.
  2. If you hit an item box and are rewarded with a mushroom, you can use it to cut through the shallow water at normal speed instead of making a full turn.


Beta versions reveal that it was originally going to be called Cheep Cheep Shore. Also, the course has grass in the beta version.

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