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In-game map of Wario Stadium.

Wario Stadium is the first course in the Special Cup. It is a medium-level course that may take one or two tries to get because it is similar to a monster truck arena. It has many sharp curves, jumps, and bumps that could shake even the most experienced drivers.

This track is also a little similar to the Wario Stadium in Mario Kart 64.


There are a few hazards to watch out for along Wario Stadium as you race. One of the hazards of the course is the spinning Podboo rings situated in the air above high jumps, and another is the spinning Podboo spokes situated around part of the track. If you get hit by them, you'll spin out, slow down, and get scorched. More hazards are the deep mud pits along the sides of the middle and end of the track. Stay clear of them, because getting stuck in them will quickly slow down your kart, which makes it harder to keep up with the other racers.


There are no shortcuts for this track.


A good strategy is to try to hit all the boost pads on the track to get a good lead ahead of the other racers and cross the first mud pit safely. Stay away from the mud pits because they slow you down, but if you have a Star or Mushroom ready, you can get across them without a problem. This track also has many sharp curves you can powerslide across to shave a few seconds of your lap times. Finally, when you go across the bumps on the track, try hopping over them. You'll find that you can gain more control over your kart and avoid messing up on many curves, which is very important if you want to win this fast-paced race, because one mistake can knock you from the front of the pack to the back very quickly.