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Tick-Tock Clock may be one the strangest tracks in the Mario Kart series, and is one of the trickier tracks to handle. Nonetheless, it is a fun track with several hazards. The track takes place in a gigantic grandfather clock and is the second track in the Star Cup and the tenth track to appear in the Nitro Grand prix.


One of the hazards of this track is falling off the edge of the sections of track without barriers. Another hazard is the pendulum located in the small straight area on the top right hand corner of the map just after the items boxes. Hitting the pendulum will knock over your cart and cause you to drop any held items, and if struck by the side, may knock you off the track. Another notable hazard are the clock hands which cause your kart to spin out, and may cause you to spin out multiple times if the hand is going in the same direction as you.


There aren't any shortcuts on this track but you can gain a mini speed boost by going in the direction of the gears and cogs. And, near the end of the track, go up the gear going forward for an extra boost of speed.