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Figure-8 Circuit.

Figure-8 Circuit is a brand new track introduced in Mario Kart DS. It is a standard asphalt race-track with a narrow grass border. It is known well for it's wide turns and open roads, making it by far the easiest track to snake on, and the easiest track to learn how to snake on. It is a relatively basic track, in that it has no obstacles to crash into, has no pits of death to fall in to, and doesn't have much harsh terrain to cause slowdowns. With no tricks or shortcuts, players can expect relatively equal footing against other racers as long as they know how to snake and snake well.


There are no real hazards at all on this track, apart from the grass verge which will slow you down if you drive on it.

One section of the track to watch however is during snaking, and when the player passes the finish line, look out for the two finish poles, which can ruin a race if hit.


There are no shortcuts on this circuit as the entire track has barriers around it.


This track is great for snaking on but for those people who don't agree with it, or just can't do it, all you can really do to improve your time is make sure you powerslide around all corners and you stay tight to the inside of the corners. If you don't snake and you are racing someone who does, there is very little chance of beating them on this circuit.

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