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Mission 5-1[edit]

  • Description: Reach the finish before the stray Chain Chomp!
  • Course: Peach Gardens
  • Character: Peach

At the start of the race you'll pass by three item boxes and be able to get three mushrooms. The track is the same as normally, but there are no item boxes other than the ones at the start, but it's easy to beat the Chain Chomp.

Mission 5-2[edit]

  • Description: Drive backward and collect 15 coins! If you hit a snowman, you fail!
  • Course: Frappe Snowland
  • Character: Donkey Kong
  • Time: 30 seconds

Very easy to do, just steer through the maze of snowmen in reverse carefully to get the coins, and you're as good as gold.

Mission 5-3[edit]

  • Description: Destroy all 5 item boxes!
  • Course: Koopa Beach 2
  • Character: Toad
  • Time: 35 seconds

Go through all 5 moving item boxes while avoiding going into deep water. If you fall in it, Lakitu will have to rescue you, wasting precious time. Inside an item box is a mushroom to help you catch up to the next one in the line of item boxes.

Mission 5-4[edit]

  • Description: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order!
  • Course: Bowser Castle 2
  • Character: Bowser
  • Time: 1 minute 5 seconds

This is basically a drive through Bowser Castle 2, but alerted a little. Gate 1 is at the first dash panel, Gate 2 is behind the first Thwomp, Gate 3 is located in between the first two lava pit, Gate 4 is located at the sharp turn before the second Thwomp, Gate 5 is located after the large lava pit, Gate 6 is located after the wide lava pit, Gate 7 is right after the long left-hand dash panel at the many lava pits, Gate 8 is right after the two small lava pits with Podboos, Gate 9 is at the sharp right hand turn, and finally, Gate 10 is right after the two Thwomps. However, both Thwomps are in a straight line before it instead of being in their normal positions.

Mission 5-5[edit]

  • Description Complete 1 lap in the opposite direction within the time limit!
  • Course: Mushroom Bridge
  • Character: Mario
  • Time: 55 seconds

In this mission, you'll be driving across Mushroom Bridge in the other direction. Certain areas of the track are barricaded, making it harder to evade traffic, so be careful. Item boxes will give you a mushroom along the way. If you decide to take the shortcut, you'll find three mushrooms that you can use to speed across it.

Mission 5-6[edit]

  • Description Collect all 18 coins!
  • Course: Tart Top
  • Character: Yoshi
  • Time: 45 seconds

All 18 coins are lined up in three rows, each holding six coins where a racer can easily collect them. They are all placed in a spoke fashion around the course, easy to reach. In each row, five coins are on the ground, while the sixth is over the jump. With proper steering, this mission is very simple to complete. A driver can either go left or right wnen they collect the coins; it doesn't matter.

Mission 5-7[edit]

  • Description Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!
  • Course: section of DK Pass
  • Character: Toad
  • Time: 45 seconds

Just like in Mission 4-1, this is DK Pass in reverse, however smaller and with more snow boulders. As long as a driver can steer away from the boulders, each gate is easy to reach. Watch out, Toad!

Mission 5-8[edit]

  • Description Reach the finish before Mario!
  • Course: Mario Circuit
  • Character: Luigi

This mission is held at Mario Circuit, only many more Piranha Plants are present to make it more challenging. Each item box will give Luigi a red shell, a mushroom, triple mushrooms, or a star. A very good way to make sure Luigi gets to finish line before Mario when he gets a mushroom or triple mushrooms at the start. Once that happens, if Luigi catches up to Mario, he can use on the long straightaway to bump Mario and send him flying over the side of the track and into the moat around Peach's castle, Forcing Lakitu to come and rescue him. Poor Mario.

Boss Fight[edit]

  • Description Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs!
  • Course: Sand Arena (name based on surroundings)
  • Character: Wario
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Walkthrough:

This boss battle is actually very easy. Big Bomb-omb will make item boxes fall from above, all containing bob-ombs. He will be throwing bob-ombs at Wario and may even pick one he dropped. If he hits Wario, he will lose a balloon. After the second hit is laid on Big Bob-omb, Big Bob-omb himself will jump up into the air, hover, drop an item box surrounded by three bob-ombs, and then land, crushing Wario if he's underneath him. a good strategy is to get one of the two item boxes and quickly drag the bob-omb behind him and get to the second item box before it disappears. This way, Wario can lay two hits on Big Bob-omb, causing him to jump up into the air and drop the three bob-ombs and item box. Then, get the bob-omb and remain underneath where he will land. Hold onto the bob-omb and hold it behind Wario and then Big Bob-omb will fall and BOOM! The third hit will be made. Even though Wario will be flattened, he will hold on to all three balloons. Then Big Bob-omb himself will explode.