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Mission 3-1[edit]

  • Description: Destroy all 5 item boxes!
  • Course: Waluigi Pinball
  • Character: Wario
  • Time: 50 seconds

Power boosting in this mission is not necessary at all. With a well-timed start boost, look at the bottom screen of your Nintendo DS and capture all of the item boxes according to the bottom screen. It's easier to use the bottom screen rather than the top screen because it provides a bird's eye view of the item boxes, making the item boxes' paths easier to predict. Once you capture an item box, release it's star to speed up Wario and give him strong brakes. Do this for all 5 item boxes. Try not to bump in to anything!

Mission 3-2[edit]

  • Description: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order ... backward!
  • Course: Delfino Square
  • Character: Bowser
  • Time: 50 seconds

Power boosting in this mission is impossible since you will be driving backwards! With no possible start boost, continue down the path of the map as you usually would, but backwards. Just keep in mind that you must use B button instead of A button, and that Right dpad is really Left dpad and vice versa.

Mission 3-3[edit]

  • Description: Collect all 15 coins while avoiding the Chain Chomp!
  • Course: Luigi's Circuit
  • Character: Luigi
  • Time: 30 seconds

Power boosting in this mission is nothing but trouble since it's almost impossible to stay in the path of the coins with Luigi's unfluid power boost. With a well-timed start boost, drive through the first straight line of coins. The instant the path of the coins starts curving, hold down A button and Left dpad to slow down and turn just about enough to keep up with the curve. All you have to do once you're in the curve is not let up on the buttons. Don't let go of either the entire way around the curve for an easy ***.

Mission 3-4[edit]

  • Description: Reach the finish before Yoshi!
  • Course: Yoshi Falls
  • Character: Peach

Peach's power boost is reputable for being incredibly hard to manage, so it's best that you don't power boost unless stated here (and if you can pull it off.) With a well-timed start boost, head for the waterfall at the right of the barricaded bridge. Before the waterfall, get an item box and (if you're experienced enough) attempt a power boost to gain foot ahead Yoshi. Drive through the edge of the wide turn while power boosting. The next bridge is also blocked by barricades, so release your item obtained from the last item box accordingly (whether it is a star or triple-mushroom) and ride the waterfall to the left of the barricades. At the end of the waterfall there is a row of item boxes, drive through one of them and save the item. Drive through the last three zippers and release your item once on the straightaway to the finish line.

Mission 3-5[edit]

  • Description: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!
  • Course: Pipe Plaza
  • Character: Yoshi
  • Time: 45 seconds

Yoshi is an average power booster, and if released during the right times, Yoshi's power boosts can be very rewarding in this mission. With a well-timed power boost, go forward to pass through the first and the fifth numbered gates and into a warp pipe. Once on the platform, pass the second numbered gate and release a power boost to the right half-way through the right turn, and another power boost to the right after passing the third numbered gate. Release an immediate power boost to the right and pass into the fourth numbered gate. Drive inside the warp pipe ahead to be teleported to the front of fifth numbered gate. Pass it, make a long power boost into the direction of the farthest visible numbered gate, and make another immediate power boost to the right and onto a ramp after passing the sixth numbered gate. Pass the seventh numbered gate directly ahead, and make an immediate right turn off the platform and into the eighth numbered gate below.

Mission 3-6[edit]

  • Description: Hit Monty Moles with shells 5 times!
  • Course: Moo Moo Farm
  • Character: Luigi
  • Time: 1 minute and 5 seconds

Power boosting in this level is not needed, as you'll be spending your time on hand-eye coordination. With a lowly-powered start boost, drive into any item box and hit the breaks. If you've chosen the center item box, you will hit the center mole in the first row. If you've chosen the leftmost item box, you will hit the leftmost mole in the first row, and so on. It's best that you choose the leftmost mole since its hole is closest to an item box. With a green shell ready, drive near the Monty Mole's hole and wait for the mole to peak outside, which is a signal that it's about to jump. Once the Monty Mole is airborne, it will try to go fall back in it's hole, but only before it does, release a green shell to knock it out. Slam on the reverse, accumulate a new green shell, and go back to knock the mole out again. Do this to any mole 5 times to complete the mission. Poor moles. An alternative is to dangle the shells above the moles.

Mission 3-7[edit]

  • Description: Perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap!
  • Course: Mushroom Ridge
  • Character: Donkey Kong
  • Time: 1 minute and 10 seconds

Donkey Kong is an atrocious power booster whose power boosts only last for a fraction of a second, making them very unrewarding. Since the point of this mission is to power boost with Donkey Kong, you must get a good starting boost and make narrow power boosts along turns if you expect a high rank on this mission. With a well-timed start boost, drive down the road until you reach a left turn. Make four power boosts along this turn and make two more power boosts on the next turn (don't make your power boost too narrow on the second turn, as there is a blue semi truck driving on the right lane of the road.) Make two more power boosts at the left turn and continue down the straightaway. Once the straightaway breaks into a left turn, complete one more power boost to finish one goal of the mission. There isn't much traffic from this point on, so keep power boosting on the next few turns until you reach finish line.

Mission 3-8[edit]

  • Description: Collect all 20 coins!
  • Course: Twilight House
  • Character: Mario
  • Time: 1 minute and 10 seconds

(Work in progress)

Boss Stage[edit]

  • Description: Reach the finish [line] before Goomboss!
  • Course: Baby Park
  • Character: Toad

Toad is an excellent power booster and snaker, making this boss fight noticeably more fun and competitive than the others. With a well-timed start boost, gain as much foot as possible ahead of the Goomboss. Power boost your way through each turn and snake through each straightaway as the Goomboss will try to knock you off of your way and leave you in the dust with Goombas to avoid. Before each turn, Goomboss will drop a mushroom for your taking, but don't be tempted by it as getting into the habit of grabbing the mushroom might get you into mistaking a mushroom for a Goomba!