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Every player gets to select a course. The course selected by the most players is the course used. If there is a tie, the course used is chosen at random.

Several of the more complex and/or obstacle-ridden courses were disabled for online play due to possible latency issues. The courses available in online mode shown in these tables:

Nitro Grand Prix
# Mushroom Cup WFC Flower Cup WFC Star Cup WFC Special Cup WFC
1 Figure-8 Circuit Yes Desert Hills Yes DK Pass Yes Wario Stadium Yes
2 Yoshi Falls Yes Delfino Square Yes Tick-Tock Clock No Peach Gardens No
3 Cheep Cheep Beach Yes Waluigi Pinball No Mario Circuit Yes Bowser Castle No
4 Luigi's Mansion Yes Shroom Ridge No Airship Fortress No Rainbow Road Yes
Retro Grand Prix
# Origin Shell Cup WFC Banana Cup WFC Leaf Cup WFC Lightning Cup WFC
1 SNES Mario Circuit 1 Yes Donut Plains 1 No Koopa Beach 2 No Choco Island 2 Yes
2 N64 Moo Moo Farm Yes Frappe Snowland Yes Choco Mountain Yes Banshee Boardwalk No
3 GBA Peach Circuit Yes Bowser Castle 2 No Luigi Circuit No Sky Garden Yes
4 GCN Luigi Circuit Yes Baby Park Yes Mushroom Bridge No Yoshi Circuit Yes