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Mission 6-1[edit]

  • Description: Drive backward across the spinning bridge! If you fall, you're out!
  • Course: Bowser Castle- The spinning bridge
  • Character: Bowser
  • Time: 30 seconds

Simply use B button instead of A button to move and use Right dpad to go left and Left dpad to go right. This way you'll make across the spinning bridge. Just don't fall off!

Mission 6-2[edit]

  • Description: Get Stars and run over 15 Rocky Wrenches!
  • Course: Airship Fortress- the upper deck of the ship
  • Character: Wario
  • Time: 55 seconds

Drive around, get stars from item boxes and hit the Rocky Wrenches as they pop out of the manholes. Be careful though, because they're sneaky!

Mission 6-3[edit]

  • Description: Collect all 30 Coins!
  • Course: Choco Island 2
  • Character: Yoshi
  • Time: 45 seconds

This is a simple race across Choco Island 2. The first three coins are situated at the shortcut over the chocolate, and there is a mushroom to allow a boost across it. The only real challenge is the pool of chocolate. Don't acclerate and turn, because that could lead to drifting away from the coins.

Mission 6-4[edit]

  • Description: Destroy all 10 item boxes!
  • Course: Block Fort
  • Character: Mario
  • Time: 2 minutes

This mission is actually slightly easy. Each time an item box is broken, it will give Mario a mushroom. The key to completing the mission is to look at the map to see where the item boxes are, use each mushroom to catch up to them, and quickly break them, because they don't stay in one place for too long!

Mission 6-5[edit]

  • Description: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!
  • Course: Sky Garden
  • Character: Peach
  • Time: 50 seconds

Use the mushrooms supplied already to boost over the cloud shortcut and into the first gate and second gate. After this, go through te third gate and use another mushroom to get over to the fourth gate. After going through it, boost down to the fifth gate. This will finish the supply of mushrooms, so get the item box ahead. It will supply three more, so use one to boost to gate six, use the next to hop over the cloud and through it, and save the last one. Then go through gate seven, which is up ahead, and then use the last mushroom to speed up and save time. Last, hop over the jump and into the gate eight, the last one.

Mission 6-6[edit]

  • Description: Perform 14 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap!
  • Course: Yoshi Circuit
  • Character: Yoshi
  • Time: 1 minute

Power slide along curves, and don't hit the walls. The pihrana plants are gone, so it is easier to turn. Any experienced driver will be able to turn with ease. Practice powerslides, then give this mission a try.

Mission 6-7[edit]

  • Description: Collect all 40 coins!
  • Course: Tick-Tock Clock- Clock area
  • Character: Toad
  • Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds

This is a ''take-your-time'' mission. All 40 of the coins are situated around the clock of Tick-Tock Clock in the shape of a star, complete with eyes. 34 form the star, while the other six form the eyes. Do not hesitate to use boost pads, because it is easy to go back and get coins. The only thing to worry about are the clock hands. A collision with them will make Toad spill some of the coins he has collected. Avoid them and go where they aren't at.

Mission 6-8[edit]

  • Description: Reach the finish before Peach!
  • Course: Peach Gardens
  • Character: Bowser

This is a race through Peach Gardens in the other direction. The only real differences in the track are that the section of the garden with the Chain Chomps is barricaded in certain areas, making it a maze and the area where the Mario hedge statue is is block off to where the only way through is past the Chain Chomp. The item boxes contain a mushroom, triple mushrooms, a red shell, and a star. Try to get an item as each item box comes along. At the first ones, getting a star means a simple blast past the three Chain Chomps in the large garden. Getting three mushrooms means a riskier boost past them. Get the next item boxes that follow the Chain Chomps if possible. Cut through the grass after going up the hill out of the large garden using a mushroom or star and do the same through the next set of grass. After getting the final set of item boxes, use either mushrooms or stars to get by the last Chain Chomp. This way, Bowser can reach the finish line much earlier than Peach can.

Boss Fight[edit]

  • Description Use Mushroom boosts to hit Chief Chilly and knock him off the stage 3 times!
  • Course: Water Arena (name based on surroundings)
  • Character: Luigi
  • Time: 5 minutes

Luigi and Chief Chilly face off again. Chief Chily is just like Big Bully in size, but is smarter than him. The item boxes contain mushrooms to ram him at full speed. Knock him over the first two times as if he were Big Bully, but the third time, take a different approach on him. Sneak up on him, because charging head-on at him will making him spin and jump out of the way. Make the first hit, then make the next to keep him dazed, and finally make the last hit to push him into the water and beat him with a three-star rank. Go Luigi!