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This is your avatar. At the beginning of the game you choose name and gender, then you have to answer a series of six questions to determine his/her attributes and initial army composition.

Name and gender[edit]

Destin Faroda[edit]

Destined Forlord
Destin the Valiant

He is the leader of the Liberation Army, also known as the "Opinion Leader", and Destin the Valiant in the Episode VI. It should be noted that no default name exists for the Opinion Leader (except Lexar in the special hidden stage), rather he is given the name Destin in Episode VI (Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber). The name in the Japanese version translates to "Destined Forlord" which is a reference to Warren choosing Destin via "Destiny". As far as gameplay goes, he is the most crucial character to the game; if he dies, it's game over. Destin's own Charisma and Alignment ratings will also affect whether or not characters join the battalion, whether NPCs will hand over important items, and ultimately what ending the player receives upon beating the game. Destin also is deployed automatically and is the only unit that does not collect wages. There are four different unit types Destin can become (distinguished by different colors in the PS version), with one of the four being used again in Episode VI (Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber). In OB64 Destin serves as a mentor to Magnus Gallant, the main character, and can also be fought as the final boss of the game depending on which path Magnus takes. In Episode V though, Destin is for the most part a silent protagonist, only speaking directly to a few characters in the entire game (Posha, Tristan, Debonair, Endora and Rashidi). Little is known of Destin's past, or how he came to meet Warren.

Europea Rheda[edit]

Europea the Astral Knight

You could also have chosen a female gender in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, however only Destin is recognized in the later games of the series. In Episode VI (Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber), there is a female leader with an unknown past and uncanny resemblance to the Female Opinion Leader. She is named Europea Rheda.

Lexar Fireseal[edit]

At the beginning of a new game, if you name your hero "Fireseal", you will start a special stage, Dragon's Haven. There, your opinion leader bears the name Lexar, regardless of his/her gender.

Warren's tarots and questions[edit]

The table below summarizes some characteristics that depend on the initial Alignment attribute.

Warren asks you six questions, each related to a Tarot card. Finally, he lets you pick a Tarot card at random from the remaining ones. The six questions allow to determine the characteristics of the Lord, including his/her alignment. Furthermore, the initial Alignment determines the Lord's skills and the initial members of his/her combat unit.

The six questions are totally random, i.e. each answer does not affect which one will be the following Tarot card.

Alignment Front row skill Back row skill Unit members
65+ 2 Banish 1 Icecloud (hits all enemies) 3 Fighters + 1 Cleric (healing)
50-55 3 slashes 1 Iainuki (ranged attack) 3 Fighters + 1 Valkyrie (ranged attack)
40-45 2 slashes 1 Thunder (hits all enemies) 3 Fighters + 1 Beastman (ranged attack)
40-45 2 Poison 1 Phantom (hits all enemies) 3 Fighters + 1 Wizard (ranged attack)

The following table lists all the possible questions and how the answers affect the Forlord's alignment.

Tarot Warren's question Icecloud
Iainuki Thunder Phantom
You have been commanded by your king to create a magic potion. What kind of potion do you create? 3. An immortality potion 2. A wealth potion 2. A wealth potion 1. Poison
What above all other things do you think is the greatest crime against your fellow man? 3. To steal from someone 1. To deceive someone 1. To deceive someone 2. To sacrifice someone
As a king wishing to rule the world, what personality trait do you feel you most lack? 2. Efficiency 2. Efficiency 3. Putting things into action 3. Putting things into action 1. Expansionism
What do you think is the most important ability trait which must be found in a successful king? 3. Conquest 1. Action 2. Leadership 1. Action
It is difficult to rule those with ideas different from your own. What do you yourself look most for in a leader? 1. Compassion 2. Self respect 2. Self respect 2. Self respect 3. A sense of justice
It is almost impossible to find a perfect mate. Which of the following do you most look for in a partner? 2. Purity 2. Purity 3. Physical beauty 3. Physical beauty 1. Tenderness
What do you think is the best way to pull together and rule people with different hopes and ideals? 2. Religion 3. Leadership and charisma 3. Leadership and charisma 1. Military force
What do you think is the most important thing to remember when walking the path of the warrior? 1. Justice 2. Glory 3. Faith 3. Faith
After a difficult battle, the army you lead was unfortunately defeated. What was the cause of your defeat? 3. Destiny 2. A lack of leadership 1. A lack of military strength 1. A lack of military strength
It is sometimes said that victory is only luck. What do you think luck is? 3. Bad luck can be good 1. Luck is something you create 2. Luck is inescapable 2. Luck is inescapable
You are standing in front of a mirror which shows your best trait. What is shown in the mirror? 3. Moral strength 2. Mental strength 2. Mental strength 1. Physical strength
Because of a mistake you made, your army is forced to retreat. What do you do? 3. Shrug your shoulders 2. Retire from your post 2. Retire from your post 1. Lament your mistake
Among one of your trusted followers a traitor is discovered. What do you do? 1. Give him 200 lashes 3. Kill the traitor 2. Banish him forever 3. Kill the traitor
A messenger from the gods has appeared before you. What does this messenger look like? 1. An old man with a staff 1. An old man with a staff 3. A beautiful girl 2. An ill-dressed youth
A demon you have called forth has demanded your most dear possession instead of granting you a wish. What does it demand? 3. Your family 2. Your life 3. Your family 1. Your money
In the country where you rule, a cult has started a rebellion. What do you do? 3. Abdicate your throne 2. Send your army 2. Send your army 1. Send your followers
The night before a battle you see several falling stars heading for the east. What do you wish for? 1. Luck for your army 2. Bravery for your army 3. Victory for your army 3. Victory for your army
You are staring at the full moon the night before a battle. What are you thinking of? 2. Your family 3. Your beautiful lover 1. The results of the battle 1. The results of the battle
After a long and difficult battle, your army has finally achieved victory. What do you credit your victory to? 3. The gods' blessings 2. Those who fought with you 1. Your personal luck 1. Your personal luck
Fate can be cruel. If you could only save one person from the flames of a battle, who would it be? 3. Your child 3. Your child 2. Your beautiful lover 2. Your beautiful lover 1. Your decrepit mother
The night before a battle, you drink a parting toast with your comrades. How full is your glass? 2. About half full 2. About half full 1. Filled to the brim 3. Barely any
You want to be sure that your knights abstain from disgraceful behaviour. What do you warn them most about? 1. Obey the law 2. Don't make empty promises 3. Be kind to all you meet 1. Obey the law