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Also referred to as "the Creator of Chaos", or "the Sage of Zeteginia". Rashidi (along with King Gran) was originally one of the 5 heroes that brought peace and stability to the continent of Zeteginia. However Rashidi killed his friend King Gran, and manipulated Empress Endora into conquering all nations on the continent of Zeteginia 25 years ago . He had an affair with the Archangel Mizar, using her to gain access to the Black Diamond. He used his powerful magic to charm the three High Knights so they would not interfere with his plans. He attempted to join forces with Galf, general of the Netherworld. He was defeated by Destin's army at Shalina Temple. Rashidi sacrificed himself, using his own blood to for the ritual required to complete his plans. He broke the seal on the Chaos Gate that was Shalina Temple, allowing Demundza, King of the Netherworld to return to Earth to presumably begin the second Ogre Battle. However the rebel army was able to beat Demundza back into the netherworld before his power became too great. Unbenownst to anyone (except the "erased" General Kerikov), Rashidi reincarnated into the body of a demi-god, at the conclusion of Episode VI. It seems as though this was one of Rashidi's plans right from the beginning. It is briefly mentioned in episode VI that Rashidi visited Palatinus during Yumil's infancy, and it is likely that he left his daughter Mari here during this time. It is also revealed by Saradin that Rashidi did research on the Infernal Aura, a condition that occurs once a limiter/seal on human power has been released. There are numerous occasions where Rashidi granted his "power" to individuals, including Empress Endora, Prince Gares, Baron Apros, High Priest Randals, and General Previa (while Kapella and Albeleo were apprentices of Rashidi, it seems that their power was their own).

Prince Gares[edit]

The evil Prince of the Empire, he has totally forfeited his humanity for dark power so he can rule with an iron fist. He was responsible for the murder of Aisha's mother. Destin's army fought him multiple times, including an army of Gares' at Zeteginia. The Gares that the rebellion fought were Gares' soulless armor, animated by Rashidi. It is unlikely that the true Gares ever left Rashidi's side, as he assisted Rashidi's plans. This is emphasized by Gares hightailing it to Shalina with Rashidi, rather than defending his mother and rightful throne.

Empress Endora[edit]

The Zeteginean Empress discovered that the land of Lodis in the northern continent of Galicia was planning an invasion of all southern lands. No one, including the Zenobian kingdom under King Gran, would listen to her warnings, except Rashidi. Rashidi twisted her original noble intention of protecting the contintent from Lodis' invasion, into conquering the entire continent for herself. She fought against the Rebellion to her last breath, and was killed in her homeland of Zeteginea.

Commander Hikash Winzalf[edit]

General Hikash is renowned as the Empire's most noble warrior. He was too devoted to his homeland and to Empress Endora to help Destin, even though he knows of the wrongs the Empire has committed. Destin had no choice, as he stood in his way, and had to defeat him. He accomplished his wish to see his daughter, Rauny, one last time before he died and the Empire fell.

Baron Apros[edit]

This pitiful noble was responsible for many abominations, including the Pogrom Forest Massacre. For his services, he's being given the hand of Overlord Hikash's daughter, Rauny, who ran away when the wedding was arranged. He was killed by Prince Tristan.


One of Rashidi's three apprentices, Albeleo keeps himself young thanks to reincarnation. When Saradin was unwilling to help Rashidi conquer Zenobia 25 years before Episode V, Albeleo turned him into a stone statue. When the Liberation Army cured Saradin from his state, he settled the score with Albeleo. However, Albeleo's body vanished. Albeleo also serves as the boss of the game's secret mission "Dragon's Haven". He was searching for dragons to add to the Zeteginian Empire's army, but was again defeated by the Liberation Army. Unbenownst to many Ogre Battlers, Albeleo also appears as a playable character in Episode VII (Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together), under the name "Radlum". Radlum was a character with seemingly no backstory or present story to speak of, other than the fact that he was searching for Drakonite magic at Hell Gate. In the Japanese version of the game, if Radlum dies in battle his death quote is something along the lines of "It is I Albeleo! Looks like I need to find another body again". However this is not his death quote in the US version (possibly due to poor translation by Atlus).


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Usar is the boss in Sharom.

Sirius the Werewolf is the boss in Lake Jannenia. He is named after the 2nd brightest star in the sky[1].

Kapella is the boss in Pogrom Forest. He is named after the 7th brightest star, Capella.

  1. The brightest star in the sky is the Sun.