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Battlefield map[edit]

Hidden locations[edit]

Text transcript[edit]

Start: city of Svastpol

Trade city of Valna: You can buy items in this town. Just select any unit who is stopped here. You will see an icon called "buy item". Try it and see! But be careful about buying too much! You may go broke and not be able to deploy your units! This is not the only shop. You will find them in other areas too, if you look.

City of Abdella: When you meet the enemy, where you fight depends on how you are moving. If both units are moving, you will fight half way between where you meet. If one unit is not moving, you will fight on the ground of the unit which is not moving. To give yourself an advantage, try waiting on the type of ground you fight best on. The best way to win a battle is to wipe out the whole enemy unit. But what happens if you cannot do that, you ask? In that case, whichever side in the battle caused the most damage to the other side is declared victor. However, damage inflicted with Tarot cards is not counted, so be careful. We are looking forward to the day when peace will return to this land.

Roshfallian temple: Welcome to our temple. Eighty years ago the Zenobian Empire was built upon the peace brought by the Roshian temples. We were created by prince Roshian, but we are now persecuted against all throughout the continent by the empire. However, thanks to you, I know that will all change. We will try our best to help you all whenever we can. If one of you is killed, please go to the nearest temple. We will summon the power of the gods to restore you to life. May the gods walk with you on your journey...

City of Valikesh: Be sure to watch a character's strength when you decide his position. You should usually keep strong characters in the front, and weak characters in the back. If a unit leader is killed, the unit will ignore your orders and return to base. So you should probably keep your leader in the back, where it is safer. A high alignment helps you fight better during the day. A low alignment helps you fight at night. A high alignment will cause you to take more damage at night, and a low alignment will cause more damage during the day. Be sure to remember this when you are creating units. We are looking forward to the day when peace will return to this land.

Hidden city of Fallsala: We know that under that armour you are just a normal woman. May peace return soon!

Hidden city of Ellery: Did you know that you can come back to areas after you have cleared them? After you take care of Usar, come back here! I am sure you will find something that will help you on your way.

Hidden roshfallian temple: Welcome to our temple. We present you with this "Star of Heroes"! This is a symbol of true heroism. We know it will help you on your way...

Usar (city of Jindark): So it is you, Lans... I am surprised you are still alive. Just luck, I suppose. But your luck has run out. Prepare to follow Gran! Lans: And the same to you, you low-life scum! Today is the day that I take revenge for my fallen comrade!

Re-visiting the borders of Sharom[edit]

Badista (city of Valna): My name is Badista, the great magician! Actually, I would like to ask a favor of you... Somewhere on the continent a "Book of the Dead" is buried. If you find it, do not sell it! Bring it back to me. I will see that you are well rewarded! Thanks!

City of Abdella: To the east of Jindark castle is the city of Ellery. Have you found it?

City of Valikesh: Have you found Fallsala? it is a hidden city down the road to the south west. This is just a rumour, but I have heard that there is an incredible treasure in Fallsala. They have never let it out of the city, because they are waiting to give it to a true hero.

Hidden city of Fallsala: We are depending on you to restore peace, Destin! We present you this "gnomish nugget"! We are looking forward to the day when peace will return to this land.

City of Jindark: Thanks to you, the Empire has been chased from this area. But there are still those who say that Destin is not much better than the Empire. Please be sure to follow the path of a true hero.

Hidden roshfallian temple: The Star of Heroes is very precious. Be sure not to lose or sell it!

Hidden city of Ellery: Are you wanting to go up in levels before you fight? It is often a good idea to use low-level units to fight in towns. But be sure not to go up too fast! This will lead to evil! If you wish to find the way of kings, do not rely only on force. Once you reach the level of enemy unit leaders, it is probably best to finish the stage. This will make your fight more difficult, but it will earn the people's trust.