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Battlefield map[edit]

Hidden locations[edit]

Text transcript[edit]

Start: city of Trab

Sirius (city of Antalya): Hey, so you are the Rebels, huh? Seems you are really a thorn in the Empire's side. Not bad. But there are some good guys in the Empire, too. The local boss is not too bad himself. He is a great guy. So do not push yourself too hard on beating the Empire. Just take it easy. Oh, yeah. If you want to see the boss, you need to go at night. He is always in a better mood then. Ooops. I have got to go. My girl is waiting for me. See you tonight!

City of Allephalb: People still believe in werewolves around here. You know: man during the day and wolf at night? Do I believe it? Oh, come now... In these times? Please...

Hidden Roshian temple: Sirius, the ruler of this area, is not human. He is a werewolf. That means that he is most powerful during the night. You will have a hard time beating him with normal weapons, then. So try your best not to meet him at night! Let me give you this white magic weapon, the Rune Axe. If you use this, you will be able to fight him even at night.

Sirius (trade city of G'jiandep): Hey, so you are the rebels, huh? Oh, how manly. Yes. Really cool. Wow. Well anyway, I have a message for you... from the boss. He wants to join forces with you to help topple the Empire. What do you think? Sounds good? NO? Stubborn, are you not? Ok, ok. I got it. Do as you please.

Roshian temple: Youngsters around here do not believe it, but werewolves do exist! The wounds on those bodies were not from any dog. That was from a wolf! A big one, too! I know that was a werewolf! No, I am not crazy!

City of Krasno Dale: I have a favour to ask you. Please help us. All of the girls from this town have been taken from the man in the castle on Lake Jansenia. We can hear their screams from within the castle. It is unbearable. Will you please help our daughters? Thank you, rebels! We are counting on you!

City of Kaiselly: Sirius seems like a decent fellow, but he is actually quite cruel. He feeds the kidnapped girls to dogs! We find what is left of them in the lake. Someone like that just is not human...

Sirius (city of Elsrum, daytime): Oh... It is you! You are here already! Gee, what a bother. I am not quite ready for you yet. Could you come back a bit later? Come on, give me a chance to get ready, OK?

  • YES: Oh, boy. What a great bunch of guys. Come back tonight, ok?
  • NO: Ever heard of salt in a wound? Ah, never mind... You boys are such a bother...

Sirius (city of Elsrum, nighttime): Welcome. So you are the rebels, huh? Hmmm... You all look a little silly to me. Why do not you try a new wardrobe, like mine? You would get a lot more girls that way, I promise! ...Well, anyway I am kind of tired of looking at you. Dinner time!!!

Re-visiting Lake Jannenia[edit]

City of Antalya: I cannot believe that Sirius was a werewolf... Never dawned on me.

Cities of Allephalb, G-jiandep, Roshian temples: Thanks to you, the lake has returned to peace. Thank you very much!

City of Krasno Dale: It is great that Sirius is gone, but our daughters will never return... This is all the Empire's fault. Please defeat them for us!

City of Kaiselly: Not many of the kidnapped girls escaped, but if it were not for you, those who did make it back would not have. Thank you very much.

City of Elsrum: Thanks to you we have gotten rid of that lousy mutt... But hard as we try, we cannot seem to get the dog smell out of the carpets...