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In addition to your hero and the standard characters you can recruit and fire at any time, there are 18 unique characters who can be recruited to your revolution. The presence of some characters in your revolution can affect the ending of the game.

There are also many NPCs characters who serve as either stage bosses or appear for various events during the game. Many of the characters in Ogre Battle appear in other games in the series.

The subdivision of these characters into "hard to persuade" and "evil" is related to reputation, and shows its importance in the game: ten stubborn characters can be persuaded by a high reputation, while only two will join a leader with bad reputation.

Good allies[edit | edit source]

These allies will join the Rebels regardless of your reputation.

Warren Moon[edit | edit source]

Warren is a wiseman, a talented wizard and astrologist whose tarot-card fortunes rarely miss their mark. At the beginning of each new game, Warren is the hooded seer who questions the Opinion Leader. He does so in order to determine his/her worthiness as leader of the rebellion.

Not long after the fall of the Zeteginean Empire, Warren was reported missing in action after being pulled to the Underworld during a secret mission to the island of Valeria.

Lans Hamilton[edit | edit source]


Born in the city of Valna, in the district of Sharom, Lans is a knight who was refuged in the city of Zeltenia just east of Warren's castle. His wife died because of a sickness, when being chased by Empire's men, the only thing that he was able to keep from his wife was just a music box that he regards as the memories of his late wife, and his reason for living. He has lived to see the death of King Gran avenged and serves Destin loyally for the entire campaign.

When Diablo is defeated, Lans is appointed to be the commander of the Zenobian Guard. However, a short time after, he was officially stripped of his rank, and exiled from the country (in order to be sent on a secret mission, in the Zenobian official reports, he was said to be dead after a terrible torture of Lodis' Dark Knights, however, this report turns to be false because Lans is in a deplorable condition, but alive in the city of Heigm, in Valeria). Depending on how Episode IV is played, Lans assassinates Destin under the order of Tristram, to prevent Destin from tyrannically ruling Zenobia.

Canopus Wolf[edit | edit source]


Canopus is a demi-human, mercenary-like character who will join you early in the game if you can convince him to. He is also called "The Wind Rider" by many, a title he obviously earned earlier in life from his various exploits. He has a sister named Yulia, of whom he is quite protective. Also his best friend Gilbert Oblion, the ruler of the small country of Sharom, whom he fought alongside with many times years ago, plays a large role in the Zenobian revolution.

After the Empire is defeated and the new Zenobian Kingdom established, Canopus is promoted to General of the Beast Brigade of Zenobia's expanding army by King Tristan. However, he does not keep this position for long, due to a certain incident, he is stripped of his rank and exiled from Zenobia with four other Zenobians. It is later revealed this is a cover up for a secret mission he and the other four zenobians have been assigned to by their King Tristan. This important mission eventually brings them to the small island country of Valeria. Where they meet the would be famous heroes of Goliath and participate with them in guerrilla activity. Canopus and the other 2 surviving zenobian knights came back safely from Valeria, and retrieved the stolen sword Brunhild to King Tristan, but before that, according the best ending in the game, he meets his friend Gilbert in the city of Heigm.

Ashe[edit | edit source]

Captain of the Zenobian Royal Guard under King Gran Zenobia. Rashidi used his magic to disguise Gares as Ashe, which is how Gran and the royal family were assassinated. Ashe accepted the blame for Gran's death, because he was unable to protect the royal family. Ashe was imprisoned for twenty years. He was resigned to his eventual death from old age, until he was freed by the Liberation Army. He met General Debonair on the battlefield and was able to show him the error of Empress Endora's ways.

Lyon[edit | edit source]

Lyon the Beast King is a mercenary who claims to be the best beast tamer in Zeteginea. He offered the Zenobian Liberation Army his services at a price, and also informed them of a way to bring down Zenobia Castle's walls. He specializes in leading dragons, wyrms, and other reptilian creatures.

How to Recruit

Visit the town in stage seven, the slums, and pay him 20 000 Goth. Otherwise, re-visit the stage anytime later and recruit him for 5 000 Goth only.

Aisha[edit | edit source]

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Allies hard to persuade[edit | edit source]

These allies can be persuaded to join the Rebellion only if your reputation is high.

Gilbert Oblion[edit | edit source]

An old warrior in his late fifties, Gilbert is the ruler/governor of the small kingdom of Sharom which more or less merged with its larger neighbor and ally, the kingdom of Zenobia. Even though he's not getting any younger, Gilbert is still one of Zenobia's best warriors and beast masters. He uses a long whip in battle and is painfully efficient with it. His Wyverns and Gryphons add a great deal of strength and mobility to Zenobia's armies. His best friend, Canopus Wulf, fought alongside him in his earlier days and the two became fairly well known war heroes. He is also somewhat romantically interested in Canopus's sister, Yulia, but does not let this interest cloud his judgement. He doesn't seem like the type of man to put personal love first. His first love is obviously his country and protecting the people he rules and he ends up becoming a very valuable and powerful ally to Destin Faroda in his revolution against the Zeteginean Empire.

After the end of the war and the Zeteginean Empire is destroyed, he helps establish the New Zenobian Kingdom, under the rule of King Tristan Zenobia. After this however, Gilbert believes his initial disloyalty to Zenobia when the highlands invaded 24 years ago cannot be so easily forgiven and Gilbert more or less exiles himself, electing to follow Destin Faroda and his companions to the continent of Palatinus, to investigate the intentions of the powerful militant country of Lodis (occupying Palatinus), and whether they plan on using their occupation to invade Zenobia. At the conclusion of Episode VI Gilbert returns to Zenobia, to report to King Tristan what he and Destin found out about Lodis' intentions. Gilbert also makes a cameo appearance in one of the endings in Episode VII, in what is known as the "Gilbert ending".

Norn[edit | edit source]

The former High Priestess of the Holy Zeteginean Empire, and lover of Kaus Debonair. Norn was the first person to see the effect Rashidi was having on Empress Endora, so Rashidi stripped Norn of her rank and sent her to maintain Diaspola, a jail for political prisoners. Norn was told by Endora that Debonair died in battle with the Zenobian Liberation Army. This is only a half truth though. Debonair surrendered Zenobia Castle and returned to Zeteginea to question Endora's policies. Endora saw him as a traitor, and had him imprisoned. Thus the Debonair that was loyal to the empire was "died" fighting the Liberation Army. Norn fought the Liberation Army seeking revenge, and wanted to meet her lover in death. However, Destin was able to convince her that Debonair was still alive, and Norn joined the Liberation Army. Debonair was later rescued at the Temple Shangrila, reuniting the two lovers.

After the revolution was completed, Norn hoped to marry Debonair, but he immediately left with Destin to go to Palatinus. It is presumed that she has retaken her role as High Priestess under the reign of King Tristan.

Rauny Winzalf[edit | edit source]


The first female paladin of the Highlands, and the daughter of Highland General Hikash Winzalf. She ran away from the Empire when she saw how heartless the Highlands had become and when her hand was offered to the sinister Baron Apros in marriage. Apros sent bounty hunters after her to bring her back dead or alive. Rauny was tracked by the bounty hunter Ares to the Valley of Kastro, where she joined the liberation army. Shortly after, Rauny played a hand in the death of her corrupt fiance Baron Apros.

As the Zeteginian Empire crumbled, Rauny was forced to face her father in battle, where she had no choice but to kill him in a fierce battle. At the end of the revolution, Rauny, a daughter of the Highlands, marries Tristan, the true heir to the Zenobian throne. This political marriage aided in the New Zenobian Kingdom being formed with little dispute.

Saradin Carm[edit | edit source]

The mage Saradin was one of Rashidi's apprentices until he saw his master starting to seek the ways of darkness. When this happened, Saradin turned on his master, prompting another of Rashidi's students, Albeleo, to turn him to stone. Since that day 25 years ago, Saradin remained as a frozen statue, waiting for someone to awaken him, which happened when Destin figured out that he wasn't just a sculpture and disabled the curse. Saradin joined the Rebels after defeating Albeleo.

Slust[edit | edit source]

The High Knight of Fire, he is one of the Three High Knights who long ago helped humans to fight with the Ogres along the 12 White Wizards in the Ogre Battle. When the Zenobian Revolution passes over Muspelm, the Floating Continent where he lives, he fought against the Revolutionary Army because he was charmed with the magic of Rashidi to fight against them. When they defeat him, he recovers from Rashidi's spell, and will join the Revolution if they wish it. There is a rumor which says that Slust had been born in Nirdam, due to the color of his skin, and because there are no black people in Zenobia.

After helping the Revolutionary Army in defeating Demundza, he returns to his island to continue his life, seducing women around Muspelm.

Fenril[edit | edit source]

The High Knight of Ice, she is another of the Three High Knights, and the only female. She was the owner of the Brunhild, the sword which enables communication with the Gods. However, she gave this sword to the humans for protection. She owns the floating island of Organa, and just like Slust, she fought with the Zenobian Revolutionary Army. After being defeated, she will only join the Revolution if their Opinion Leader is worth it.

After the establishment of the New Zenobian Kingdom, she returns to Organa to have once again a peaceful life.

Tristan Zenobia[edit | edit source]

Fichs Trishtoram

Prince Tristan was thought to have been killed with the rest of his family 25 years ago. But his nanny, Banya, rescued him and kept him hidden. He made his way to Malano to stop the wedding between Baron Apros and Rauny. He joined Destin and after the Zeteginean Empire was finished, Tristan became monarch and later known as the "White King". His actions are reflected in other Episodes by many characters.

The Japanese-only Ogre Battle: Legend of the Zenobia Prince featured him as the main character in his adventures prior to meeting Destin Faroda.

Yushis[edit | edit source]


When Yushis' sister, Mizal, formed a contract with Rashidi and came to Earth, other angels were sent to bring her back. Many of them were caught and/or destroyed by the Empire, and among the captured was Yushis. Yushis was held prisoner in Antalia ever since. Her only goal was to recover her sister and save her from Rashidi's evil. She was freed by Destin and confronted her sister later on, and had no choice but to kill her.

Kaus Debonair[edit | edit source]


Debonair is a proud warrior who seriously believes in doing what's right, and that meant maintaining his loyalty to Empress Endora. But when Destin fought him, he started to question his matron and heads off to investigate her actions himself. He was imprisoned by Endora, and rescued by Destin some time later.

After the revolution, Debonair left with Destin to investigate Lodis.

Fogel[edit | edit source]

The High Knight of Wind, he is often called Fogel, the Dragon Rider, and said to be the strongest among the Three High Knights. He always strove for a strong opponent, with a proud and arrogant attitude. There is a legend which says that Fogel fought against a dragon for seven days and seven nights, and defeated it after very fierce combat. However, after that, the Gods sent a curse over him for being such an arrogant person, and turned his human body into a reptilian dragon body. As his comrades do, he will fight against the Rebellion and join after his defeat if their Opinion Leader is worthy of his service.

His curse remains unlifted even after the success of the Revolution.

Evil allies[edit | edit source]

These allies will join the Rebels only if your reputation is low. If you accept them in your army, you will get several disadvantages: with Deneb, Pumpkinheads cannot be upgraded to Halloweens, but Galf precludes the best three endings of the game!

Deneb Rhode[edit | edit source]

Denev Rove

Deneb is a Witch character who has become a staple of Ogre Battle games. Although she is not affiliated with the Zeteginian Empire, Deneb is a major obstacle in the hero's quest to save Zenobia. She is encountered twice over the course of the game.

Deneb fights alongside pumpkins and her main attack is a giant pumpkin that falls from the heavens and causes significant damage. After being defeated in battle, she asks the player to forgive her. Forgiving her results in both an Alignment boost for the leader and a sidequest, the reward of which is a Glass Pumpkin that allows Witch characters to recruit Pumpkinhead units, as well as Deneb's aid in battle. On ther other hand, forgiving her also results in a reputation drop.

Deneb also makes an appearance of sorts in Ogre Battle 64: she instructs the player via the game's tutorial mode.

Galf[edit | edit source]

The general of the Netherworld, he led the demons in combat against the humans during the legendary Ogre Battle. He offered his services to the revolution in exchange for the Brunhild sword. Accepting this offer completely changes the ending of the game.

Non-playable characters[edit | edit source]

Many monks live in the numerous Roshian temples around the world, heirs to the civilization before the Zeteginean age.

Yulia is an eagle-woman sister of Canopus. Thanks to her mediation, both Canopus and Gilbert may join the rebellion.

Badista will give you a reward if you bring the Book of the Dead to him in the Sharom district.

Babaloa from the Sharom district tells you more about the legends of the five heroes who unified the continent in the past.

You can meet Boltorano near the Pogrom Forest only if your reputation is high. He will set you on a long side quest.

If you have a low reputation, you will meet Toad near the Pogrom Forest. He is a recurring character, who gives you a few side quests.

Banya was the nurse of the royal house of Zenobia. She gives you a charm that will easily persuade Tristan to join the rebellion.