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Phantom Fighter identify building.png

To complete the game, you must defeat the boss of all eight towns which have been invaded by Kyonshi. In order to access the boss, you must first collect three Jade orbs by defeating other Kyonshi in the town. When you defeat the boss Kyonshi of the one town, you will advance to the next town, and so on, until every town has been rescued.

Each town is made of a series of buildings or structures. Behind each door or gate, you will find a particular type of location. The possible location types are described below.

Phantom Fighter building temple.png
A temple is where you can visit in order to have your health replenished. It should be the first building you seek out whenever you arrive at a new town. The first time you visit a temple, it will be guarded by one or more Kyonshi. Once you defeat them, you will be able to access the back room of the temple where the priest can restore your health. When you clear a temple of Kyonshi, it remains clear and you never need to fight the Kyonshi there again.
Item obtainment
A majority of the buildings or structures in the game contain a set of fights with one or more Kyonshi before you can access a citizen of the town in the back who will offer you an item for rescuing them. The item may be scrolls which you can trade at training halls in order to learn new moves, or it may be one of the four selectable items. You may leave and return to these locations as often as you life to obtain more scrolls or items, but every time you return to these locations, all of the Kyonshi that you defeated will return.
Jade orbs
Three locations in town contain two or more Kyonshi to fight. When you defeat the last one, it will drop an orb. When you collect these orbs, your health is automatically fully restored. You must collect three such orbs to challenge the boss Kyonshi. When you return to these locations after collecting the orb, they will remain clear. You can distinguish these locations from regular item obtainment locations by checking the entrance while standing outside. Instead of saying "KYONSHIES ARE HERE", it will say "DANGER'S IN THE AIR".
Phantom Fighter building training.png
Training Hall
In order to learn new moves, or to improve the effectiveness of the moves you already possess, you must visit a training hall. There are no Kyonshi to fight in the hall. When you arrive in the hall, a servant will first quiz you. You must get the answer to the question right in order to prove that you are worthy to speak with the master, who waits in the back room. (To learn the answers to these questions, please see the Quiz questions page.) If you correctly answer the question and visit the master, he will ask you to choose from a list of moves that he can teach you. Each move costs a certain number of scrolls. If you do not have enough scrolls for a particular move, you must leave an obtain more scrolls and then return. Once you learn a move, you will not forget it, even if you die and continue.
The entrance to the boss lair is always located on the far right side of the town. You will not be able to enter the lair until you break the seal by collecting three Jade orbs. Always heal up at a temple before visiting this location.