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Day two begins with the court in session and the first part of the day will be played in Courtroom mode. Edgeworth will call Gumshoe to the stand, and he will describe the details of the murder using a floor plan. The Floor Plan will be added to the Court Record.

Gumshoe's Testimony: Maya Fey's Arrest[edit]

Gumshoe's Testimony
- Maya Fey's Arrest -
  1. As soon as the phone call came in, I rushed to the scene!
  2. There were two people there already:
  3. The defendant, Ms. Maya Fey, and the lawyer, Mr. Phoenix Wright.
  4. I immediately arrested Ms. Maya Fey!
  5. Why? We had a witness account describing her!
  6. The witness saw Ms. Maya Fey at the very moment of the murder!

Maya Fey's Arrest: Cross-examination[edit]

Before the cross-examination begins, Maya will pass a note to you. It tells you to press until the witness makes a mistake. Or bluff your way through according to this game.

Press Gumshoe on his fifth or sixth statement. Phoenix will ask if this witness in pink is the hard evidence he had mentioned. The judge asks Gumshoe to try again in his testimony.

Gumshoe's Testimony: Hard Evidence[edit]

Gumshoe's Testimony
- Hard Evidence -
  1. After securing the suspect, I examined the scene of the crime with my own eyes.
  2. I found a memo written on a piece of paper next to the victim's body!
  3. On it, the word "Maya" was written clearly in blood!
  4. Lab test results showed that the blood was the victim's!
  5. Also, there was blood found on the victim's finger!
  6. Before she died, the victim wrote the killer's name!

Hard Evidence: Cross-examination[edit]

PWAA autopsyreport.png

If you look at the Court Record and check the Autopsy Report, you will notice that it says that Mia died instantly after being hit. Present Mia's Autopsy Report against his sixth statement.

Edgeworth will ask you when you received the Autopsy Report. Choose "The day after the murder." You can choose other response which leads to the same conclusion although a bit silly. Edgeworth will present an updated report that claims the victim could have lived for several minutes after being hit. You're given three choices. Choose whichever you want. Blame yourself, poor Gumshoe or Edgeworth. The Autopsy Report will be updated in the Court Record.

Gumshoe will leave the stand. The next witness is Miss April May.

April May's Testimony: Witness's Account[edit]

April's Testimony
- Witness's Account -
  1. It was, like, 9:00 at night. I looked out the window, y'know!
  2. And then, oooh! I saw a woman with long hair being attacked!
  3. The one attacking her was the mousy girl sitting in the defendant's chair!
  4. Then the woman, like, dodged to one side and ran away!
  5. But that girl, she caught up to her and… and… She hit her!

Witness's Account: Cross-examination[edit]

The judge wants to know if you want to cross-examine. Choose "Yes, I'm doing it." Choosing not to do it, gives it a quite an embarrassing predicament, realizing you'll lose the case so you'll happily decide to cross-examine her.

Press her third statement or fifth statement and choose "I question your testimony." Then choose "You’re lying" or "You saw nothing". Doesn't matter which. You will mention that April identified Maya by her physique, rather than her strange clothes and stranger hairdo.

Time for another testimony from the witness.

April May's Testimony: Witness's Account (2)[edit]

April's Testimony
- Witness's Account -
  1. I did see everything! I did!
  2. The victim – the woman – dodged the first attack and ran off to the right.
  3. Then the girl in the hippie clothes ran after her…
  4. And she hit her with that weapon! I saw it! I did!
  5. That… that clock! Um… the kinda statue-y clock? "The Thinker," I think?

Witness's Account: Cross-examination[edit]

How does April May know that "The Thinker" is a clock? Remember the last court case? The First Turnabout? Present "The Thinker" on her fifth statement. She starts to panic, and Edgeworth will try to stop you from questioning her any further. Eventually the judge will agree with you. April says that she heard the clock from her hotel. You are then presented with two options to object with. Choose "It couldn't have rung," and then choose "It's empty" or any other responses since it just leads to the same thing.

The judge will now examine the clock and confirm that the clockwork is missing from the inside. Edgeworth states that the clockwork might have been removed after the murder, which would mean April could have heard it after all. When you can, present Maya’s Cell Phone. This will prove that the clockwork was missing before the murder.

April now tries to say that she must have seen the clock in a store somewhere. However, we know that's not possible. Check the clock in the Court Record. It was made by Larry Butz, so there is no way that April saw it in a store. Choose "Yes" when the judge asks if you have an objection, then present "The Thinker" to the court.

At this point, April totally loses it. The judge wants to know why you think she knew it was a clock. Choose "You had heard about it." Present the Wiretap. You can choose "You held it" but if you think your theory from the previous case works, it doesn't work here as Edgeworth pointed out that you prove that "The Thinker" is empty!

Edgeworth will ask you to provide proof that the murder weapon was a clock. Present Maya’s Cell Phone.

You’ll be given two options from which to choose, but it doesn’t matter which you pick because April will now give an alibi for the time of the murder. She tells the court that she had ordered an ice coffee from room service at exactly 9:00 PM that night. The bellboy from the Gatewater Hotel can verify her alibi.

You have the option to continue with April May or to call the bellboy to the stand. Choose "Call the bellboy as a witness." Edgeworth will allow the bellboy to be called on one condition — if you can't find a crack in May's alibi, then your client automatically gets the Guilty verdict. Choose "Accept the condition" to hear the bellboy's testimony.

Note: Even if you allow April to continue testifying, there's nothing left to testify about so you'll be forced to call the bellboy as a witness. Also, you'll automatically accept this condition from Edgeworth.

Bellboy's Testimony: Miss May's Room Service[edit]

Bellboy's Testimony
- Miss May's Room Service -
  1. I am the head bellboy at the fine Gatewater Hotel, in business for four generations!
  2. I believe I received a call after 8:00 in the evening from our guest, Miss May.
  3. She asked for an ice coffee to be brought to her at 9:00, on the dot, sir.
  4. I brought it to her at precisely the requested time, of course.
  5. And I delivered the ice coffee to our guest Miss May, herself.

Miss May's Room Service: Cross-examination[edit]

Press on the bellboy’s last two statements (the fourth and fifth). You won’t really get any new information, but this will prompt Edgeworth and the judge to try and dismiss the witness, since he doesn’t have any new information. Choose "Protest" or "Give up." This will allow you to ask about one of the following: "Check-in", "Room service", or "Bed making". It doesn’t matter which you choose, as the same piece of information will be discovered: two people checked into the hotel and two people are staying in the room.

You asked the bellboy why he hasn't mention it. The bellboy's answer is simple: Mr. Edgeworth wants him not to mention another person at all. You'll see Edgeworth's angry expression for the first time.

This has brought about a new possibility in the case. There is another person that could be involved in the murder. When asked who, choose "The man with Miss May". Choosing "Miss April May" or "The Bellboy" is just asking for trouble.

You haven’t cleared Maya yet, however, you have bought a little more time to investigate. The judge will extend the trial for an extra day.

After the trial, you will receive the May Testimony, and it will be added to the Court Record. There is not really much in the testimony, as most of it was thrown out. All that remains is: "The victim dodged an attack then ran to the right, but she was caught and struck."