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Throughout the day you can return to the Wright & Co. Law Offices and talk to Maya for hints about what you should be doing. Moving to different locations can get a little complicated; some locations can only be accessed from certain other locations. This will become evident once you begin to look around the studios.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center[edit]

Maya is a little surprised that this man is the Steel Samurai! Will tells you that he doesn’t like appearing in public without the costume, so that the kids won’t be disappointed. Talk to Will:

  • What happened: Here's what you'll learn:
  • They were practicing action sequences at 10:00 AM that morning.
  • The rehearsal was planned for 5:00 PM.
  • Actor Jack Hammer was found inside his Evil Magistrate costume at 5:00 PM.
  • The Samurai Spear was still in his chest.
  • The Steel Samurai: The Steel Samurai is a popular kids' show featuring the title character, who walks the streets of Neo Olde Tokyo fighting the Evil Magistrate and his minions.
  • Powers's alibi: You'll find out some information about what happened:
  • Will arrived at the studio around 9:00 AM.
  • He went through the practice action sequence at 10:00 AM.
  • After lunch, he went for a nap then woke up for the rehearsal.

Will provides you with directions to Global Studios. Move to Studio — Main Gate.

Main Gate[edit]

When you arrive at the studios, you will be greeted with a lecture about snooping around from Wendy Oldbag. Oldbag is the security guard for the studio. Talk to Oldbag:

  • The studios: Oldbag says here they make every kid's dreams come true. Oldbag was once an actress here, and she worked with stars like Hammer (the victim). She seems to think he was great until ten years ago.
  • Will Powers: Oldbag is certain that Will is guilty.
  • Mr. Hammer: You will learn that Jack Hammer used to be a massive star on Dynamite Samurai until an accident that happened five years ago during filming. Since then he's been reduced to playing a villain on a kids' show for peanuts. Oldbag just happens to be his biggest fan.
  • Reason for suspicion: She will tell you that the only person to go to the studio from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM at the time of the murder was Will Powers.

She isn’t going to let you through without written permission, so move back to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)[edit]

PWAA documents.png

Talk to Will:

  • Your alibi: Will swears "on his momma's grave" that he was sleeping. He doesn't know how Oldbag saw him heading toward Studio One.
  • The security lady: Will will give you Powers’s Letter to present to Oldbag; it will be added to the Court Record.

Move to Studio — Main Gate.

Main Gate (2)[edit]

PWAA map.png

Present Powers’s Letter to Oldbag, who will let you in — although she was told not to let anyone into the Employee Area. Maya finds a Guidemap of the studios, which will be added to the Court Record. If you get lost, you can look at this in the Court Record to figure out where you are. Oldbag will allow you to pass into the studio. Move to Outside Studio One.

Note: If you try to click the security surveillance on the very left, Oldbag will stop you from looking in. However, you can get the photo once she's out of the way if you continue to follow this walkthrough.

Studio One Entrance[edit]

PWAA autopsyreport.png

Detective Gumshoe will appear. He says that Edgeworth, your opponent from the last case, is still upset about his loss. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The investigation: You ask for the Autopsy Report — the latest version. Jack's Autopsy Report will be added to the Court Record.
  • Reason for arrest: You learn that Oldbag arrived at the studios at 1:00 PM. The murder took place at 2:30 PM, one and a half hours afterwards, and Powers was the only one to go to the crime scene.
  • The security lady: Gumshoe refers to Oldbag as a sweet old lady, and a charmer. What? It looks like she is a "sucker" for authority. It seems she gave Detective Gumshoe some valuable evidence.
  • Decisive evidence: You will also learn that there is a photograph that implicates Will. When someone walks up to the studios, a camera automatically takes a picture of them.

Examine the entrance to Studio One. It will be locked. Examine the mascot head at the start of the left path — it is blocking the entrance to Studio Two, thanks to fierce winds yesterday. Then examine the camera. The camera ID number is [ST1-307].

Move back to the Studio — Main Gate.

Main Gate (3)[edit]

Talk to Oldbag:

  • Photographic proof: Oldbag didn't tell you about the security photo, because she thinks it's more thrilling to talk to detectives.
  • Reason for suspicion: The reason Oldbag believes it's Powers, is that he was the only one to pass through the gate around the time of the murder.
  • Mr. Hammer: Hammer was one of the brightest stars of the studio, and he took it hard when he was reduced to playing the Evil Magistrate.
  • Automatic camera: You will learn about the automatic camera and that all the data goes to the computer which is in the guard station.

Examine the computer. Oldbag will stop you from looking at it, so move to the Employee Area.

Employee Area[edit]

Examine the plate on the closest table and note that a bone from a steak was left on the plate. Then move to the left side of the area and examine the open grate. Maya will point out that a kid could fit through the drain if he tried. Move to Will's Dressing Room.

Dressing Room[edit]

PWAA cardkey.png

Examine Will's bag and you will find the Cardkey. This Cardkey should let you into Studio One! Move to the Employee Area, then to the Studio — Main Gate, then to Outside Studio One.

Studio One Entrance (2)[edit]

Examine the door to Studio One again; this time it will open because you have the Cardkey. Move to Inside Studio One.

Studio One[edit]

You are now in the room where Jack Hammer was found dead. Examine the camera equipment. Maya will try to lift it. This will prompt an assistant named Penny to show up. She believes that Will is innocent, and is willing to cooperate as much as possible. Talk to Penny:

  • Day of the crime: Yesterday was the rehearsal for one of the action sequences. Penny says that from the Employee Area, Hammer went to Studio One after lunch, and Will went into his Dressing Room.
  • Will Powers: She wasn't supposed to go into Will's room, so she doesn't know if Will was there at the time of the crime. She will mention that she sensed someone from outside the studios was there around noon, but since the security lady didn't see them, they must have found another way in.
  • Sensing someone: She says she thinks she sensed someone else at the crime scene, but "thinks" isn't good enough for Phoenix.

Move to Studio — Main Gate via Outside Studio One.

Main Gate (4)[edit]

Talk to Oldbag:

  • Assistant's claim: You talk to her about Penny's claim. Oldbag will get very annoyed and will run off to hunt down the assistant. This gives you the chance to check the computer for the photo.
PWAA powerssphoto.png

With Oldbag out of the way you can now examine the computer in the security guard office. When asked if you should try the computer, select "Try it". The system will ask for the camera number. Choose "ST1-307". Now you will see this "decisive picture" of Will Powers. However, it isn’t a picture of Will Powers: it is a picture of the Steel Samurai. The back of the picture says "Photo #2", which means the camera must have taken two photos that day. However, the computer only has this photo stored! You will receive Powers’s(?) Photo, which will be added to the Court Record.

If you have completed all tasks here, the day will automatically finish.