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Aspertia Gym[edit]

After making the trek back to Aspertia, the Gym is now open for challengers. First thing to do is to talk one of the boys in the school itself, and he will give you an X Defend. This will help immensely for the gym battle ahead, since all his Pokémon know are physical moves. When you enter the Gym, the leader, Cheren, does not even have everything set up for the gym, for he just reopened it. The gym guide at the beginning, whose name is Clyde, will give you a Fresh Water after everything is set up. A Fresh Water is an item that works like a Potion, only it heals 50 HP instead of a measly 20.


Name 1st 2nd Money
1 Youngster Pedro Pokemon 504Patrat.pngPatrat 9 Pokemon 506Lillipup.pngLillipup 9 Pokebuck.png144
2 Lass Serena Pokemon 504Patrat.pngPatrat 9 Pokemon 506Lillipup.pngLillipup 9 Pokebuck.png144
3 Gym Leader Cheren Pokemon 504Patrat.pngPatrat 11 Pokemon 506Lillipup.pngLillipup 13 Pokebuck.png1560

Only a grand total of two different Pokémon in this gym. That's good design, right? Choices of teams aside, Cheren does not offer too much challenge unless you let him set up with Work Up. If that happens, may as well reset and start the fight over, because nothing can take a hit from a +3 Attack Lillipup (or Patrat, for that matter.) If possible, use the X Attack, Defense, and Speed you got earlier on your most powerful Pokémon, just to ensure you do not get swept. It is easy no matter what starter you chose.

When he is defeated, he gives you TM 83: Work Up. Work Up is a status move that raises the Attack and Sp. Attack of the user.

When leaving the gym, Bianca shows up and gives you TM 27: Return as congratulations, and then subsequently has hers, Professor Juniper's, and Cheren's Xtransceiver numbers given to you. Bianca also gives you the C-Gear, which is the Pokégear, Pokénav, and other features in games. Your rival then arrives and challenges Cheren to a battle. Bianca then tells you that the next gym is in Virbank City, just east of Route 20.

On the way to Virbank City, before leaving Floccesy Town, Bianca upgrades your Pokédex for the Habitat List, which is an upgrade that lets you see what Pokémon you have caught and seen in an area. She also tells you about rustling grass, which contains rare Pokémon, but about 95% of the time, it's just Audino, the attempted Chansey of the game in which its only purpose is to get tons of EXP out of.

Back on Route 20, however, we now have a gym badge in our possession, and since that hiker from before said we could not pass without a gym badge...