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Virbank City Gym[edit]

The Virbank City Gym is home of Roxie, the bass guitar playing Poison-type specialist. When you enter the Gym, it doesn't immediately take you to the main floor. Instead, it takes you to a couple flights of stairs that lead to the main area. However, Clyde, the Gym guide, gives you a Fresh Water before you enter.

Being a Poison-type Gym, people may expect the deception that previous Poison Gyms have laid before them. This is not the case for Roxie's Gym. There is only a stage and a main floor with chairs lined up, so the only challenge is getting around said chairs. On the main stage are two trainers and Roxie herself.


Name 1st 2nd Money
1 Roughneck Nicky Pokemon 088Grimer.pngGrimer 14 Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 14 Pokebuck.png336
2 Guitarist Billy Jo Pokemon 543Venipede.pngVenipede 14 Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 14 Pokebuck.png448
3 Gym Leader Roxie Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 16 Pokemon 544Whirlipede.pngWhirlipede 18 Pokebuck.png2,160

Roxie has a Koffing and a Whirlipede. Koffing, with Assurance, Tackle, and Smog, goes down with next to no problem if you picked Oshawott or Tepig, but Snivy may have some issues. If you brought Magnemite from Virbank_Complex (Which the game actually recommends), this Koffing has a very hard time trying to deal with you. Whirlipede, however, is a monster, packing Venoshock, Poison Sting, Pursuit, and Protect. This thing is bait for Physical moves, because it has Poison Point, which will power up Venoshock, and will also help stall you out with Protect. With a 99 Base Defense, and a 55 Base attack (Same as Oshawott's), it is a force to be reckoned with...that is if you didn't pick up either Tepig, Magnemite, Magby (In Black 2), Growlithe or Riolu from Flocessy Ranch, or any combination. Tepig, Magby, and Growlithe are Fire types, which doesn't bode well for Whirlipede's Bug typing. Magnemite is Steel type, making it immune to 2 of the 3 offensive moves that it has, and resistant to the third. Riolu is a little trickier, because you may have the impulse to wait and evolve it to Lucario for the Steel sub-typing, and Bone Club move, which works, but it takes a long time. Snivy definitely has a very hard time in this Gym, for it is weak to Poison and has no way to deal with it. Oshawott has some difficulty with the Gym, but only because Koffing and Whirlipede are Physically bulky, in which the best answer to that is Water Gun.

Defeat and Afterwards[edit]

After defeating Roxie, she gives TM 09: Venoshock. A 65 Power, 100% accurate move that does double damage if the opponent is poisoned.

Also after defeating Roxie, you are interrupted by a Pokestar Studios worker and are taken to said Studio to potentially star in your first movie!