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Welcome to the StrategyWiki walkthrough for Pokémon Black and White 2. This guide covers from Aspertia City to the Pokémon League, as well as all post-game and optional content. Each page of this guide contains a lot of useful information, that will be very helpful throughout your journey. This section describes how this information is presented, as well as an overview of the walkthrough.

About This Walkthrough[edit]


Pokémon BW Professor Juniper.png Professor Juniper
The leading Pokémon Professor in Unova. She doesn't play a very major role in the story, but will meet up with you on several occasions to explain some of Unova's history.

As you meet new characters, a short profile on them will be shown on the right of the page. These profile contain an image of the character, as well as their name and brief description of their role in the story. To avoid spoilers, some profiles are less detailed than others.

New Pokémon[edit]

New Pokémon
Name Black 2 White 2
Pokemon 504Patrat.png Patrat Yes Yes
Pokemon 509Purrloin.png Purrloin Yes Yes

As more Pokémon become available to you throughout the game, a table showing which new Pokémon can be caught in the area can be found at the top of the page. Each Pokémon is only listed once throughout the walkthrough, at the earliest possible point that you can obtain them. Following these tables will help you to fill your Pokédex, but some Pokémon can only be obtained through evolution rather than catching them.

Wild Pokémon[edit]

Tall Grass
Name Type(s) Levels Encounter Rate
Black 2 White 2
Pokemon 504Patrat.png Patrat Normal 2-4 50% 50%
Pokemon 509Purrloin.png Purrloin Dark 2-4 50% 50%

In each location, the Wild Pokémon that are available to capture are different. On each page, a table shows which Pokémon can be found in an area and how likely it is for them to be encountered. If their encounter rate differs between Black 2 and White 2, this is also noted. The Pokémon's types and level range are also listed. There are individual tables for: Tall Grass, Dark Grass, Rustling Grass, Caves, Dust Clouds, Surfing, Surfing on Rippling Water, Fishing and Fishing in Rippling Water.


Each location also contains several Pokémon Trainers that will challenge you to a battle if they spot you. These Trainers are listed in a table showing their name, Trainer class and Pokémon. Certain Trainers, such as your Rival, have tables separate from the rest, that are located in the relevant area of the page.


Pokémon BW2 Special Medal Rank 1.png First Step Pokémon BW2 Special Medal Rank 1.png
Special Medal
Rank 1

A Medal given to all Medal Rally participants at the beginning. A symbol of a Trainer's potential.

As more Medals become available for you to obtain, an infobox showing the medal's name and description can be found on the right of the page. Note that only medals that can only be obtained in a certain area are listed; medals that rely on things such as catching a certain number of Pokémon are not shown.


Click an area on the map to be taken there instantly:

Pokémon BW2 Unova Map.pngAspertia CityRoute 19Floccesy TownRoute 20Flocessy RanchVirbank CityVirbank ComplexCastelia CityLiberty GardenUnity TowerCastelia SewersRelic PassageRoute 4Desert ResortRelic CastleNimbasa CityRoute 16Lostlorn ForestRoute 5Driftveil DrawbridgeDriftveil CityRoute 6Mistralton CaveChargestone CaveMistralton CityRoute 7Celestial TowerLentimas TownReversal MountainStrange HouseUndella TownUndella BayRoute 14Route 13Lacunosa TownRoute 12Village BridgeRoute 11Opelucid CityRoute 9Marine TubeSeaside CaveRoute 21Humilau CityRoute 22Giant ChasmPlasma FrigateRoute 23Victory RoadPokémon LeagueCave of BeingMarvelous BridgeRoute 15Black CityWhite ForestAbundant ShrineAbyssal RuinsN's CastleTubeline BridgeRoute 8Moor of IcirrusDragonspiral TowerIcirrus CityTwist MountainClay TunnelSkyarrow BridgePinwheel ForestNacrene CityRoute 3Wellspring CaveStriaton CityDreamyardRoute 2Accumula TownRoute 1Nuvema TownRoute 17P2 LaboratoryRoute 18EntralinkPokéstar StudiosJoin AvenueAnville TownPokémon World Tournament
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