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Death Knight[edit]

A semi-large monster with a sword and armour suit. 250 Health.

Its melee attack inflicts either 24–36 damage or 20–30 damage; damage is done in increments of 4–6 for each step of the swing.

It can fire a volley of 6 shots, each inflicting 9 damage.


A solder wearing heavier armor and armed with a laser cannon. 80 Health

The laser inflicts 15 damage per shot, and the enforcer usually fires shots in pairs. The attacks are directed only to the current position with no leadahead.

Drops 5 cells when killed.


This appears similar in shape to Pinky from Doom, and is generally known for jumping around. 300 Health.

At melee range, it can claw for 11–15 damage, but usually makes leap attacks that inflict 41–50 damage.


A basic soldier with a shotgun. 30 health.

Fires its shotgun, that inflicts up to 16 damage from its four pellets. Even though it has an instant-hit weapon, it's not too good at keeping track of the player; running will cause shots to be slightly behind the player. It normally fires one shot, but can refire a second one.

Drops 5 shells when killed.


A monster with a sword and suit of armor. 75 Health.

It can swing its sword for 12–18 damage, or charge for 20–30 damage; damage is done in increments of 4–6 for each step of the swing.


Fat, and makes a distinctive sound when it spots the player. 200 Health.

Occasionally fires a grenade which splashes for 40 damage.

Its melee attack is the chainsaw, which inflicts 35–49 damage; damage is done in increments of 5–7.


A large piranha, with 25 health. It nibbles for 1–6 damage, spread under the Poisson distribution. While the rotfish always recoils in pain to any injury, it doesn't have enough health or damage to be exploitable.

When this monster dies, it's corpse blocks movement longer than other monsters, and won't gib. As such, it is a minor nuisance to speedrunners.

Note: Rotfish are counted twice in the number of total monsters, but only once per kill. Therefore in maps with Rotfish, you will always be missing a number of kills equal to the number of Rotfish in the map. Make a note of this if you are scouring a map for all kills.


A flying monster with an appearance of a ghost. 80 health.

It fires its missiles in pairs, each inflicting 9 damage. After firing, it may either move forward, or slide left/right.


A large furry creature. 600 Health.

It can swing its claw for 1–60 damage (average 30), or try a slightly slower overhead smash for 1–120 damage (average 60). It will always attempt a smash if it's at full health.

If you are too far away, it will try throwing a lightning beam, which inflicts 30 damage. This beam is dodged either by being too far away, or by hiding behind an obstacle.

Its thick carapace and fur make it resistant to damage — it hardly flinches to most attacks, and only takes half damage from rockets, grenades or other explosions (even on a direct hit). They are easily killed with thunderbolt and the super nailgun, however.


Also called a tarbaby, this small blob will jump around once it's alerted. 80 health.

Its main attack is its jump, when it hits (and it's fast enough), it inflicts 11–20 damage.

When killed, it explodes for 120 damage.


This monster has an appearance of a three-legged spider. 400 Health.

Its missile explodes for 40 damage (but instantly kills a zombie it touches). However, it's the only projectile that attempts to home in on its target, changing directions every 0.2 seconds. It takes a direct path, and thus will fly into a wall rather than trying to seek around it.


Zombies are dead individuals, that can't seem to die. Can only be killed by gibbing; this required an attack that does 60+ damage (either an explosive, or a quad-enhanced weapon).

They throw meat at the player, which inflicts 10 damage.

However, you can stun the zombie if you hit them hard enough — either one heavy shot, or a few quick shots in a row.