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E1M1: The Slipgate Complex

You start in your world, and need to reach the slipgate to reach the Dimension of the Doomed.


Stats Easy Normal Hard
Monsters 10 23 42
Health 295 665 1220
Shells 65
Nails 105
Healing 430
Weapons Double-barreled Shotgun, Nailgun
Powerups Quad, Biosuit
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Advance forward, and turn to the left. Ahead, you may see a grunt; your first enemy. Shoot him, and press the button to go down the lift.

Cross the bridge to enter the next building, shooting the dog and grunt as you go by.

Proceed into the building; if you want, collect the nailgun and double shotgun.

Press the button on the wall to cover the slime pit, then advance. Go down the ramp, pressing each button in turn, to open the exit. Once there, head onto the slipgate.


  • Super Shotgun: Available at the slimepit secret.
  • Nailgun: Available from across the river and inside the building. Look for a lift on the left. When you pick it up, one or two grunts will attack.


  1. From the start, look towards the blinking area on the right. Shoot the secret door identified by two red dots and collect some shells.
  2. Dive into the river to find a megahealth. You can also access this secret by shooting a hidden door near the exit; it's located on the right of the corridor.
  3. Across the river, enter the building. Look at the pillar and shoot the globe display on it to raise a life. Shoot the globe display on the secret wall to reveal a Quad damage. (You can also access this secret from a different textured wall on the other side of the slimepit.)
  4. On the slimepit, there's a hole in the wall on the left. Shoot it to get a secret weapon
  5. On the ramp leading down, stop at the third button. To the left of it is a staircase ledge which leads to a megahealth.
  6. At the bottom of said ramp, look for a biosuit on the right. Now, jump into the slime, and swim under the exit corridor and collect yellow armor.


  • Double Barrel on bridge.
  • Nailgun moved to start.
  • Super Nailgun on the spiral ramp.
  • Grenade launcher at Yellow armor secret. The teleporter also leads to Pentagram of Protection
  • Rocket launcher replaces Nailgun.