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When entering the map, you will notice that the gravity is much lower than usual. This allows higher jumps and better control, and also causes enemy shots to fly over your head.

There are four steps to solving the map. You start at a high altitude, gradually falling down.

First, ride the elevator to your left, and once it reaches the top, exit and jump above the ogres (or otherwise evade them). Collect the rocket launcher (located just below and infront of the switch). Kill the ogres for rockets if desired, and press the wall switch at the top. This opens access to the second area.

On hard difficulty, you will encounter shamblers on the roof of the building. This makes jumping hazardous, since their ranged attacks aren't deflected by gravity. Furthermore, they are resistant to rockets, making the map difficult if you don't have other weapons to defeat them. On medium, the only shambler is at the top of the second half.

When you enter the second half of the map, you need to reach the second floor of the center building. You may want to save the pentagram for later (when you are dealing with Shamblers or for the secret listed below), and approach from the right-hand side of the map before entering the center building. Press the button in that building to unlock the elevators.

While invulnerable, ride the elevator to the top, and press the button to open the upper chamber. This allows you to reach the silver key, but collecting it causes Scrags to teleport in.

The silver key unlocks the door on the fourth corner of the map. The exit is located to your right.


  1. You will want to wait for the secret until the second half. To claim it, take the first pentagram of protection, jump into the lava, and swim. It leads to a quad damage.
  2. Near the exit is a discolored texture. Shoot it to reveal a room containing nails. However, there isn't a nailgun or supernailgun on the map.

While not marked as a secret, there is a megahealth in the alcove located on the mural.


You can find the following weapons:

  • Super shotgun near the third switch.
  • Nailgun on the upper section of the first half, to the right.
  • Supernailgun on the pyramid, and on the upper section of the first half, on the far right.
  • Rocket launcher near the third switch, on a bridge, and near the first spawn point (listed below). However, an existing rocket launcher from single player was removed.

Six spawn points are located:

  1. On the fourth corner of the map, on the ground. You can jump to see a rocket launcher.
  2. In the third corner, just past the gate. Two jumps up leads to a pentagram of protection, although its faster taking a lift.
  3. Behind the pyramid in the first half of the map. You start on nails, and a supernailgun is in front. You will want to advance further to collect the pentagram of protection, patrol for 15 seconds, and proceed into the secret (if the pentagram wasn't claimed already.)
  4. Near the exit, and second secret. The second secret also contains a ring of shadows.
  5. In front of the first pentagram of protection.
  6. In the second half of the map, at the lower entrance to the middle building.

The only structural change of the map is a path from the silver key room to the first half.