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Resident Evil 4 is separated into 5 different chapters, each one containing 3 or 4 sub-chapters. The following walkthrough will provide you with directions on where to go and what to do, and also bring you some strategic tips and tricks, all with the least amount of spoilers as possible.

Before you begin, please make sure you familiarize yourself with the control scheme. Being able to control both Leon and Ashley are important factors of your survival.

To jump directly to a specific chapter, please use the Table of Contents.

Important: This walkthrough is not designed to be spoiler-free. Do not continue if you don't want certain parts of the game to be spoiled for you.

The Beginning[edit]

After the introduction movie, a cutscene.

To start a new game, choose 'New' from the main menu. If this isn't your first time playing, you'll be asked what difficulty you the game to be in (Normal or Professional), and if you want to change costumes (Normal or Special).

After starting a new game from the main menu, you'll be treated to a short movie summarizing most of the events in the Resident Evil universe so far (at least from Leon's perspective). If you aren't too familiar with the Resident Evil universe, you may want to watch it, but it doesn't contain any new or exciting information.

Then the first in-game cutscenes will begin. It is now 6 years since the events in Raccoon City and you (Leon) have a new job protecting the president and his family. But before actually starting the president's daughter Ashley was kidnapped. So you're being driven to to a remote village in Spain to investigate reports that Ashley was seen there. Two local police officers are assigned to help you, but when they arrive they send you off on your own. When you get out of the car you hear your communicator and Hunnigan introduces herself. She will be your contact while you're in the field.

Soon after, the horror begins.