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Many of the game's actions are context sensitive. That means that the Action button performs differently depending on where you are and what you are trying to do. The same goes for the Command Ashley button.

PlayStation 2 GameCube Wii Action
Wii Remote & Nunchuk Classic Controller
Neutral lstick, Neutral dpad Neutral control, Neutral dpad Neutral nunchuk Neutral lstick, Neutral dpad Move or turn, navigate menus
Neutral rstick Neutral cstick Neutral dpad Neutral rstick Move the camera
Select button Start button 2 button Plus button Pause the game and bring up the Options menu. skip cutscene
Cross button A button A button A button Action button (context sensitive)
  • Double-tap to kick open doors
Square button, Circle button B button Z button B button Cancel/Hold down to run
Start button Y button Minus button Minus button, Y button Open inventory screen
R2 button X button Plus button X button Give commands to Ashley (context sensitive)
Triangle button Z button 1 button Zl button, Zr button Open map
L1 button L button C button L button Pull out knife (hold and press the Action button to use it)
  • In the Wii version, you can just shake the Wii Remote for a quick knife attack
R1 button R button B button R button Equip weapon (hold and use Move control to aim, then press the Action button to fire/throw)
Down lstick+Square button, Down dpad+Square button Down control+B button, Down dpad+B button Down nunchuk+Z button Down lstick+B button, Down dpad+B button Perform a quick 180 degree turn
R1 button+Square button, R1 button+Circle button R button+B button B button+Neutral dpad, B button+ shake Remote button R button+B button Reload your weapon