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In the contemplative city the people live from the land and focus on contemplation and praying. It can look like a frontier Christian settlement, an oriental village, and of course a haven for all faith-seekers without distinction. It will usually be less dense than other cities, and eventually they don't use almost any electricity.

General advice[edit]

Usually the contemplative cities will have problems with money, as many work only the short week and the profits of spirituality-based buildings are lower. The happiness however will often be very high. Try to save up for monasteries, as they are sources of spirituality, housing and happiness, and kung-fu fighting artists (more happiness). Your economic goal will be to reach the "arts/crafts" workplaces like the seamstress, because they give free buildings. Also the tea shops will be handy, as they are restaurants and your village will have plenty of farmers.

Other way[edit]

If you try to go for a promised land for god-fearing people, the missions will be handy even when they don't make profit, because of their huge spirituality boost and lower agricultural costs. The homesteads are a good choice and small churches and meeting places too, but remember the services are in the morning so build venues for after work. And when you can permit it, build a Cathedral worthy of God and his god-fearing followers—the spiritual retreats can be handy for that task.