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There are six society values that you have to balance to play the game the correctly (in freeplay mode, these values do not apply)

SimCitySocieties societyvalues.jpg

  • Productivity
  • Prosperty
  • Creatvity
  • Spirituality
  • Authorty
  • Knowledge

These Values would on the bottom right of the interface. Each Building you put down either produces or consumes anyone of these values. sometimes the building can produce one value and consume another. For example: if I build a Art Musuem, that consumes 5 sprirtually points and that same bulidng would produce 3 knowledge points. so now I am down 5 sprirtually points. So then I would build a church and that would give me a suplus of that value. so you Basiclly have to balance these out to make the society that you want.