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Area 6 Defense Station

Through the Middle[edit]

Area 6 is one of the absolute hardest levels, with 300 kills required for medal, so blast everything you can! Also, the level is enemies all the way, so there's no way to not go to Venom (with real Andross) if you choose this path. Here are a some tips to help you:

  1. Use all the help you can get, since this is one of the hardest levels.
  2. Nova bombs are useful, so make sure you have 20 bombs!
  3. Nova bombs are especially useful in the minefield near the beggining, try to take as many out as you can!
  4. Right c will allow the Great Fox to cover you.
  5. Shoot the brig on enemy cruisers to take them out.
  6. Boss tip: shoot the arms to open the enemy, then shoot the pink shield generators, then shoot the center repeatedly. Continue as needed. Eventually he shoots a rainbow laser before opening. To avoid it, wait until Falco says' "Watch out Fox" then swerve and stay in the upper right-hand corner and you should avoid taking damage from the laser if you do it right. Also, you can stay in the exact center of the laser without getting hit, as it is hollow.