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Macbeth Enemy Supply Depot

The Forever Train[edit]

Macbeth is a landmaster level. Everyone else is in an Arwing overhead, but that does not stop them from being attacked from behind. In this level you must fight a kite boss attached to a train. The easiest way to defeat him is to find and hit all eight switches during the second half of the level, then hit the big switch to change the rails. This will send the train to its doom in a depot it was not supposed to go to, giving you hit+50. If you came from Zoness, Katt appears and shoots a few of the switches. This will also send you to Area 6, allowing you to fight the real Andross if you can beat Area 6 and Star Wolf's upgraded ships.

Medal is awarded at 150 hits.

Note: Hover to collect the check point. If your boost meter is red, you can also drive through the point where it disappears into the ground.