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On Katina, you must help an army destroy various weak enemies later learned to come from a mothership. You should take care not to hit any of the green-and-white ships. If you do so, Bill responds with "Fox, that's one of ours!" or "Try shooting the bad guys, Fox!" and you will earn no points for such a hit. If you fly next to Bill long enough, he will respond with "Just like old times, huh Fox?" Soon a large mothership will appear. Whenever the hatches open to release new enemies, you must shoot at them until you have destroyed enough to prompt the core to appear. Once it does, you must bomb and shoot the core to destroy it before the time limit (one minute) ends. If you succeed you will go on to Solar. If you didn't the next level is Sector X. To earn the medal destroy 150 enemies. If you are able to keep all Cornerian fighters alive, Bill and Fox will say alternate lines.