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Out of the Frying Pan[edit]

In this level you must try to stay as high in the air as possible, as the shield of the Arwing will slowly go down due to the high heat. Get as many silver and gold rings as possible through the level, and avoid the arches of lava. Shoot any rocks that rise up from the lava as they contain useful items, and swerve to avoid the swells of lava. You need 100 points for the medal.

The boss will shoot item-filled rocks at you, attempt to hit you, and dive into the lava to make it rise up. For the extraordinarily high swells, you can put on the brakes and fly to an upper corner of the screen. Shoot his arms until they are both destroyed, and try to avoid the fireballs he will send at you (this is difficult). Shoot his head until it comes off.