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Note: There is no direct path from Macbeth to Titania and only the hard paths are available from Aquas. If you beat Spyborg fast enough, you can then go to Macbeth via Sector X.

The levels in this game do not progress in a strictly linear fashion. As you progress from level to level, read up on the appropriate article. See below for reasons why you should visit any particular planet.

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MeteoCorneriaKatinaFortunaTitaniaMacbethAquasZonessSector XSolarSector YSector ZArea 6BolseVenomStar Fox 64 Planet Map.png

Map Screen[edit]

The map screen looks like the picture above, except that it can be rotated and only your path lines will be shown. Press your A button to start a level. If you completed the harder of two paths, you can choose to swap to the other path, retry the previous level, or play the level that is currently selected. A white dot orbiting a planet indicates that you have beaten the level before. A medal on a planet indicates that you have gotten a medal on the level before.

Mission 1[edit]

This will always be Corneria, so you should eventually get familiar with it.

Mission 2[edit]

  • Sector Y: Save falco and fly through 7 arches to fight the secret boss.
  • Meteo: Don't save falco or save falco without flying through 7 arches or miss one.

Mission 3[edit]

  • Aquas: You'll need to score 100 points or higher to play this level.
  • Katina: Fly through 7 blue rings to use the warp.
  • Fortuna: Defeat the boss to play this level.

Mission 4[edit]

  • Zoness: Defeat the bioweapon to proceed to this level.
  • Solar: Take the hard path off of Katina or Fortuna to get here. Take this path if you want to be sure of avoiding Titania.
  • Sector X: Take the easy path off of Katina or Fortuna to get here. Come here if you want to play Titania or attempt to warp to Sector Z.

Mission 5[edit]

  • Sector Z: Take the hard path from Zoness or warp from Sector X to get here. Play this level if you're trying to take the hard path all of the way or to avoid driving the Landmaster.
  • Macbeth: You can get here from any of the previous levels. Come here to drive the Landmaster or if you want to avoid Sector Z or Titania.
  • Titania: You can only get here from Sector X. It also features the Landmaster. Come here to avoid Macbeth or if you are trying to unlock the Landmaster for Vs.

Mission 6[edit]

After completing either level, you will go directly to Venom without visiting the Map Screen.

  • Area 6: Take the hard path from Sector Z or Macbeth to get here. Come here if you want points or if you want to face Andross' true form.
  • Bolse: Take the easy path from the previous level to get here. Come here if you want to avoid Area 6 or the tougher form of Star Wolf.

Mission 7[edit]

Despite only having one planet at the end, there are still two different levels you can play.

  • Easy Venom: If you came from Bolse, you'll play this level. Play this level if you want an easier time getting your wingmen through.
  • Hard Venom: If you came from Area 6, you get to fight Star Wolf and Andross's true form. Come here for points or to avoid having Andross showing up at the end of the credits.